One of my top favorite movements of all time has got to be the Power Clean.Klokov

It wasn’t always one of my favorites though.

I can remember back when I was first introduced to this movement in Middle School when we first started to train as a team in the weight room for football.

I remember this like it was just yesterday as my cousin Steve was one of the High School Seniors at the time that came to our school to show us how to lift.

He was a stud.

An All-State QB for 2 years who also won 2 State Championships in football.

And now he’s one of the pilots for Air Force 1 (no joke).

In any case, I was HORRIBLE at cleans and just couldn’t seem to get them down for the life of me.

I was so bad, I can remember wanting to quit sports all together just because of that.

I dreaded having to get up in the morning knowing I had to go lift and fail at getting the power clean in front of all of my teammates.

Worst of all, I had to do it in front of my cousin Steve.

Luckily, after a ton of hard work, I stuck it out and I got myself much better at the lift overtime.

One day it just “clicked”.

Unfortunately, I never did learn how to do a proper power clean until I was actually out of college and learned how to first do them correctly at an actual Olympic Lifting workshop.

This all brings me to today where I want to help YOU learn the proper mechanics of the power clean.

For this, I’ve got an in-depth video below, but before I get into that, let’s go over some of the main reasons Power Cleans are so valuable…

1 – They serve as a key transitional movement within complexes and are nice to have in your tool box for when you don’t have a squat rack.

2 – Are great to use for an all-in-one conditioning movement with light to moderate loads

3 – Are also great for strength and power development with heavier to moderate loads – I even use these as a swap in for heavy deadlifts from time to time.

Bottom line, Power Cleans are the sh*t are are one of the best movements you can do.

However, at the same time, Power Cleans can be one of the WORST movements you can do and here’s why…

They’ll mess you up.


With sh*tty form and technique. bad_footbal_cleanAnd this is the very reason Power Cleans get a bad rap.

Because people get injured.

From torn shoulders and busted up wrists, to lower back strains, Power Cleans can and will mess you up if you do them wrong.

When you do them right (like I’ll teach you to do below) then you’ll can reap all of the rewards and benefits they bring.

So, without further ado, check out the video I have for you below that goes into the BIGGEST MISTAKES and fixes for the Power Cleans.

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Oh and here’s a good one…

If you’re ever out of time and in doubt, here’s a quick one for you…

Set the clock for 20 mins and load the barbell up with a heavy to moderate load.

For the next 20 minutes, hit anywhere from a single heavy rep up to 3 reps of a barbell power clean Every Minute On The Minute.

Just grip and rip.

Either way, make sure you’re getting in a good dose of power cleans or some sort of  “clean” variation into your training whether that be through a barbell clean, a sandbag clean, or some good ol’ double kettlebell cleans, they all work!

Just make sure that your form and technique are on so you don’t jack yourself up 😉

Now, for a FULL Training Program that maximizes the use of Power Cleans and all of it’s beautiful variations, check out my NEW Unbreakable Badass Blueprint 2.0 Training System.