When I first heard about this I knew I had to share it with you.

Just the other morning as I was training a small group of my athletes, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of energy that was in the air.

It was fun to watch as people were flying around on pure attack mode within their training session.

The gym was filled with a strong vibe that’s hard to explain.

As we were finishing the session up with some strongman stuff with some heavy sleds pulls and pushes, front sandbag carries, and farmer walks, my client Seneca suddenly screamed out,Hockey Mask Mentality Baby – Kill Everything!!”

I was like, “Say What!?”

And then I saw his shirt which had a logo on it like this:

sticker,375x360It had a big nasty pic of a hockey mask, just like the one Jason wears from all of the famous “Friday the 13th” movies.

And then I made the connection.

Ah, “Kill Everything Just like Jason”.


Yep.  It’s all about MINDSET

Just like with my “110% H.A.M.” mindset, it’s about NEVER QUITTING or backing down to a challenge whether that be in the gym or in life.

After our session was over, I talked a little bit more with Seneca about his “Hockey Mask Mentality”.

I had to find out where he got this from.

At first he was a bit shy in sharing it, but then he opened up more about it.

“My wife thinks it dumb, but it’s the mindset I’ve always had since I was in school playing ball and still have today with a self-made successful business.”

He’s even got stickers of this hockey mask on his vehicles.

He then added, “It’s about Killing Everything that gets in my way”.

I came to find out that ths was a mindset he adopted early on back when he used to travel around playing basketball.

Him and a group of his teammates came up with the idea of this “Hockey Mask Mentality” and he’s rolled with it ever since.

I agreed with him 110%.

It’s a little bit different way to look at it, but it’s worked for him.

Coming up from having pretty much nothing to now owning his own self-made and highly  SUCCESSFUL business is PROOF that having the right mindset is everything.

Lesson to be learned here is to adopt a “Kill Everything” type of mindset.

One that works for you.

Just like the 110% H.A.M. mindset I talk about all the time, it’s something you must have and live by daily.

It’s that something that pushes you forward past any type of barrier that comes across your path.

Whatever it may be that connects with YOU best and gets your gears going, make it work and LIVE by that mindset.

So, here’s my CHALLENGE to you…

Share with me a connection that YOU’VE got within your own mind that’s like “The Hockey Mask Mentality”.

I’m interested to hear about it so don’t be shy and drop a comment about it below and share!

Here’s to going 110% H.A.M.


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