It was about 4 Years ago when I was at a training conference in Louisville KY, I had the pleasure of meeting a seriously PASSIONATE strength coach by the name of Dave Schmitz.

All this guy needed to get things cranked up to unbelievable levels was a whistle, a few bands, and himself.  The guy is jam packed with INTENSE ENERGY!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Dave, you already know what I mean!

The guy is an awesome coach and a HUGE inspiration!

Beside being a BADASS, he also invented The Performax Band.

Looking back before I went to that training seminar and met Dave, I was still completely new to Band Training.

I always had the notion that bands were simply for beginners and rehab.  I didn’t know how much of an impact band training THE RIGHT WAY could have on your performance and physique enhancement results.

Dave blew me away with his knowledge and unconventional methods of training with bands.

From that day forward, I’ve been a HUGE believer of incoporating bands into my programs.

Bands are and can be lethal!

While bands are great to add into a program, you never want to take away the regular heavy lifting of barbells, kettlebells, sandbags, ect.

Bands are excellent for adding explosive and reactive type movements to your training sessions.  What I love doing is throwing bands into my regular workouts.

You can add them in on deadlifts, squats, bench presses, kettlebell presses, and even swings.  Plus, I like adding bands in on my bodyweight movements such as push ups, plank, and squats.

You can take your core training to new levels with the use of bands.

I’ve taken my bands on trips to workout in hotel rooms.  I’ve had some KILLER workouts in my hotel rooms before while using bands.  I’m sure the people staying below me didn’t appreciate it too much, but hey you got to get your training in right?

Another added bonus about bands is that their light.  The big difference between bands and kettlebells is the weight.  Sometimes you not going to feel like lugging around a couple of bells, so in those times just grab a few bands and get to work!

You can truly take them anywhere!

With that being said, here’s a sample hardcore workout using bands.  This is a good one to help get you shredded as well as help you gain more explosive speed and power endurance….

It’s 30 30 interval…  I did 10 different movements with bands in this video for you to check out.


If you’re up for it, try that circuit with a red or black performax band and go 4 rounds for 20 total minutes.

It’s a good change of pace from everyday heavy lifting.  But I’ll warn you, It’s not easy!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – If you want to check out where I get my bands, go HERE

Also, make sure to check out Dave’s Band Training Blog HERE

PPS – Please leave your comments and questions regarding band training if you got em!