Today marks the 8th Day of The 12 Days of Strength and Badassness Christmas.

Today I want to just jump right in the mix and get right into business!

I want to talk about training with Thick Ropes, in particularly, training with BATTLING ROPES!

I have a love/hate relationship with Battling Ropes.

I love them because they get me into great shape, but I also hate them because, well, they are extremely Challenging!!!

Battling Ropes are the ultimate way to condition your upper body and core while also working on power.

There are literally hundreds of different ways you can use ropes to battle with.

My favorite movements with Battling Ropes are:

  • Double Whips
  • Fast Alternating Whips
  • Cross Body Throws

We like to whip these bad boys out especially for our fighters and wrestlers.

Battling Ropes with help build up strength and stamina in the neck, upper back, and traps which are extremely important for fighters and wrestlers or any other athlete for the matter.

This is key especially for fighters who need to be able to keep their hands up in the later rounds of a match.

You DON’T want to get caught with your hands down because you’re too tired!!!


Another thing I love about Battling Ropes is that they require you to use lots of power output to do them right.

Instead of just using your body, you need to use your hips as well!

It takes quite a bit of full body power using the hips and upper body together when your working with a 50 foot, 2 inch thick rope.

If you do it right, the waves need to be going all the way down to the anchor point.  Once you can’t generate waves the whole distance, you doing it wrong!

I can vividly remember a workout cycle where each week, I had to increase the amount of time I did alternating whips for intervals.

The first week I did your basic 20-10 tabata protocol for 8 rounds.

That wasn’t too bad.

The next week I increased the intervals up to a 30-15 work to rest ratio.  Which is 30 secs all out work with 15 secs break for 8 rounds.

It got Brutal towards the end!

Then, the final week of that training cycle, I did 8 rounds of 40-20 battling rope intervals!

You want to talk about extreme burn and pain!

I could feel it in my traps, shoulders, chest, back, forearms, and wrists.  Not only did I feel it mainly in my upper body,  but my lungs and legs were on fire as well!

This was at the end of a workout too, using the 2 inch thick rope!

Not one of my favorite ways to end a workout but it will definitely make a WARRIOR out of you!

I can honestly say that that was one of the many times during a training session where I wanted to quit!

I wanted to set the ropes down so bad and just rest but I mentally pushed myself beyond the breaking point.

Its workout’s like this one with the Battling Rope that help me shape a WARRIOR MINDSET!

I can also remember on of my wrestlers going through the same workout and how hard he had to work and how deep he had to dig to get through the training session without fail!

Battling Ropes will challenge you to the limit!

Here’s a few videos, one is showing a ton of variations you can use for Battling Ropes, and the other shows a few of my kick ass clients going through a brutal conditioning training session that included ending with some Battling Ropes.




Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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