Well it’s Day 7 of 12 For the Strength And Badassness Christmas.

Before I get into today’s focus, I want to let all you loyal readers, who knew I was going back out to Brazil to play in the Brazilian National Championship, The Brazil Bowl, that my team came out CHAMPIONS!!!!

We beat the Barigui Crocodiles 49-21.

The group of guys I played with are all true WARRIORS and I had a awesome experience!

There are some possibilities of me bringing The Forged Athlete overseas, to Brazil and setting up shop specifically for The Cuiaba Arsenal.  If this were to happen, I’m 110% sure that they would become absolutely unstoppable!  I know this for a fact!

I will have more videos and pics from my football experience over in Brazil in some upcoming posts so watch out for that!

But for today, I wanted to dig in more about what I feel helped me get into even better football playing shape then I was back in college.

I can honestly say this program made a HUGE difference in my life.

Going back to Brazil to coach and suit up to play football again was something I wasn’t that sure about at first.

I remember how much preparation it took to get into playing shape.

But, when you  constantly train the way I do, you stay in playing shape year around!

As soon I was back out onto the field and was sprinting, jumping, and cutting around I felt faster, stronger, and more explosive than I have ever felt before!

My routes were super crisp, I was making easy cuts, and my jumping ability was out of control!

I can strongly blame all of my performance and physical improvements on the way I have been training for the last year and a half.

I can also say that way I have molded my training into what it is today was strongly influenced by the system  I’m about to tell you about….

Which brings me to today’s special feature – The Underground Strength Kit.

This is a special resource that combines all of the tools I have recently been reviewing the last few days.  It’s an all out guide to training against the rules with bodyweight, kettlebells, sandbags, stones, logs, sleds, and other homemade “underground” tools.

A few years back, when I traveled out to New Jersey to train with Zach Even Esh, he gave me the Underground Strength Kit as a gift.  Instead of letting it collect dust, I took action and quickly got on the program and followed it to a T for the next 8 months.

The gains I saw were incredible!

I was throwing weights around easier than ever!

I could easily see a decrease in bodyfat, an increase in jumping ability, I got faster, and my overall athleticism just felt a whole lot better.

What I felt was the BIGGEST quality about the Underground Strength Kit was the fact that it’s a program that’s all laid out, ready for me to follow.

It’s a done-for-you proven system for Gladiators!

No real fancy equipment needed, no gym membership required, and NO confusing programming.  Just pure, “get after it”, no holds barred hard work!

I say GLADIATORS because it’s NOT an easy program to follow!

You will be pushed both physically and mentally.

This type of program creates pure BEASTS!   I’ve seen it in myself, my own athletes and the athlete’s Zach trains at his Underground Strength Gym in Edison, New Jersey.

Their insanely strong, fast, powerful, and mentally tough!

If you truly want to become faster, stronger, more explosive and do it by breaking the rules of conventional training, The Underground Strength Kit is it!

But, I’ll give you for-warning – You need to put in the work!

That’s never a problem for me.  I love to train and train hard, especially when a program calls for heavy use of kettlebells, sandbags, and advanced bodyweight training movements, and odd objects. I’m all over it!

Since being on The Underground Strength Kit, I learned new ways on how to create my own advanced programs using sandbags, kettlebells, and bodyweight.   On top of that, it gives you a full proof plan on how to break free of the gym and train anywhere, anytime!

Zach gives you everything you need to learn how to create your very own “Underground” strength fortress at home.

This kit was a great way to get me away from conventional training and into the new world of “No Rules” training.

I started training more with stones, logs, and homemade sandbags. Pretty much anything else I could get my hands on to use to get stronger with!

I also started making my own equipment such as sleds for dragging.  All of it was used to help create sick results!

If you’ve been following me on this blog for a while now, you know I’m all about BREAKING THE RULES!

Once you BREAK THE RULES you NEVER go back to conventional training.

At least I know I never will!

So, in the midst of talking about The Underground Strength Kit, I wanted to share with you a workout that came straight from the source!

It’s one of my favorite ones!  But, it’s not easy!

No workouts from this manual are!  Ha ha!

It’s called “The Backyard Beatdown”

You can do this from your very own back yard!  NO gym required!

10 minutes of max rounds for # 1A and 1B

1A) log carry 1 lap + log squat x 10 reps

1B) overhead sledge hammer swings x 20 (switch top hand at 10 reps)

1C) rope climb x 15 ft.

2A) sandbag walking lunges across yard x 4 sets

2B) sandbag clean and press 4 x 5 reps

2C) sandbag bent over row 4 x 5 reps

Try that one before Christmas!

All you need is a heavy log for carrying and squats, plus a sledgehammer with a old tire, and a sandbag.  If you don’t have a rope to climb, just use a pull up bar.

This is a same type of workout that helped mold me into what I am today!

No doubt about it!

This workout and many more just like it from The Underground Strength Kit simply demand a whole lot more out of you which in turn, makes you better in many ways!

The fact is this, 2010 is almost over!  If you’re looking for that change in pace as far as your training program is concerned, I would STRONGLY look into investing into Zach’s program, The Underground Strength Kit

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Tomorrow I got another SPECIAL day for you!  YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS IT!

Day 8 0f 12!  It’s going to be a BATTLE!

PPS – If you’re looking to BREAK the RULES of training and discover a proven system for SERIOUS ATHLETES and TRAINEES, check out Zach’s Underground Strength Kit!

It’ll blow your results up!

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