So we’re half way through the 12 Days of Strength and Badassness Christmas and in this post, I want to share with you one of my absolute favorite training tools of all time!

Today I want to talk about a training tool that I have fallen in love with.

Just like most of the other tools of strength and power I train with, this tool can be taken literally anywhere and used at anytime.

It’s the training tool that’s ALIVE.

This tool is truly for Badass’ and Gladiators!

The tool I speak of is none other than the Sandbag!  =====>

So why a Sandbag?

Well here’s 5 good reason’s why…

1) Sandbags will help build SERIOUS full body strength.

When training with sandbag, the weight shifts and moves around forcing you to use your whole body as one unit which will help build total body strength.

2) Sandbags help build Explosive Power in the hips.

Different movements such as the clean, snatch, and sandbag shouldering force you to pick up weight with power which will ultimately help build explosiveness overtime.

3) Sandbags will help build a solid grip.

Unlike barbells, you have to dig deep into a sandbag which makes it harder to hold onto which will help build a strong grip overtime.

4) Sandbags are extremely VERSATILE!

When it comes to sandbag training, there isn’t any shortage of movements.  Any movement you can perform with a dumbbell, barbell, or even kettlebell, you can perform with a sandbag.

To add on to that, you can take your sandbag anywhere and train anytime!


5) Sandbags build MENTAL STRENGTH!

When I first started training with sandbags, I used to get frustrated and mad when I would train with them.  Actually I still do!  Especially when I would train with the BURLY BAG.

When you do different movements, say like the sandbag clean and press, for a higher amount of reps like 8 to 10, the sets can become very grueling and seriously exhausting.

Your grip starts to fade, your muscles start to fatigue, and that’s when your mind starts to tell you to stop and rest.

BUT, in order to get better, you MUST push on.  You must battle against and win the war with your mind!

With sandbags, since the weight likes to shift and move around on you, it makes these types of sets 10 x’s harder than if you were working with a balanced object such as a barbell or dumbbell.

That’s why I love training with sandbags so much!

It’s the extra CHALLENGE!

Now when it comes to getting a sandbag, at first I made my own.  This worked well for a while until my bag started to get real banged up.

Overtime, I got sick and tired of cleaning the mess up.  Also, it’s never fun when you have a group of athletes training and a bag break open.  Sand goes everywhere and it disrupts the workout.  NO GOOD!

So, after I trained with my own hommade bags for a few months, I invested into 3 Ultimate Sandbags.

These babies are legit!  And if you’re serious about training with sandbags, I would look into getting a professionally made sandbag just for the fact that thier made specifically for HARDCORE training.

I throw, drop, and beat the living crap outta my bags and their still going strong!

One of the BEST investments I ever made!

Now, enjoy some HARDCORE Sandbag training videos!




My number one recommendation as far as what tool of STRENGTH and POWER is truly needed for any serious trainee is to get a SANDBAG!

Simply make your own or grab a professionally made sandbag HERE

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – I’m not slowing down!  I got another HARDCORE resource coming in the next post!

Day 7 of 12!

PPS – Here’s a SICK resource for your Sandbag Training Needs: