It’s Day 5 of 12 for the 12 Days of Strength and Badassness Christmas.

Today’s special focus in all on the importance of having GRIP STRENGTH.

Lots of athletes and trainees overlook the importance of having a strong grip.

Many people fail to include grip focused training into their workouts.  This is a HUGE mistake!

I remember when my dad first gave me my own set of “grippers”.  He told me I needed to be doing them when ever I watched TV.

Back when i was that young, the grippers I had weren’t that strong.  They supplied me with a good challenge but before long, it was easy to squeeze those old grippers for minutes on end.

The reason I did those grippers all the time was to increase my grip strength for wrestling.

In wrestling, it’s super important to have a solid grip.  If you can control the other person’s hands and wrists, you could control pretty much everything you did when you were on your feet.

Now outside of sports, when it comes to strength training, it’s also super important to have a solid grip.

You can have a strong body but if your hands are weak, nothing else matters.  Think about what connects you to a pull up bar, a dumbbell, and barbell, a kettlebell….

You need to have STRONG HANDS!

Once your grip fails, everything else fails!  It doesn’t matter!

One of the best ways you can avoid having weak hands and getting a grip as strong as a gorillas, is by grabbing a pair of Captains of Crush Grippers!

These nasty things come in 10 different strength levels!

These are essential for any serious strength athlete!

I’ve got a few videos for you to see these bad boys.

I need to get to work on these so I can close a 3 or 4… Maybe someday….


This is some CRAZY strength!  #4!!!


So there you have it!

A solid grip = stronger body

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Make sure to start throwing in some extra sets of grip exercises in at the end of your workouts or even do Captains of Crush while you’re watching TV or just sitting around!