What’s up fellow hardcore peeps

Thanks for stopping by the blog for yet another Friday Q and A!

I had some good responses from last week’s Q and A as I hope I’ll get some more this week.

Since I’ve been getting so many emails about how much people love to hear and see me talk on video, I thought I’d do this week’s Q and A Friday on the flip cam for all of you’s out there to watch.



Here’s what I’ll be going over….

  • Other coaches products???  Why?   How dare you….
  • How long should my workouts be??
  • Deload week’s and workouts EXPLAINED…
  • Paleo makes me tired…  (Waaaaah wahhhhhh!!!  – SUCK IT UP you cry babies!)
  • Where can I find good resistance bands

Thanks for the questions!  Make sure to send more in to theforgedathlete@gmail.com or post them up below in the comments!

You’re feedback is ALWAYS appreciated!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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