It’s yet again time for another Thursday Throwdown!

Before we begin, make sure when you read about this week’s Thursday Throwdown, you go through it yourself and post up your results in the comments below or on my Facebook Fan Page!

Now, this one was an absolute KILLER…  I hope you’re ready because this one crushed me.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve been designing these Throwdowns in such a way so EVERYONE has a chance to do them…  You don’t need any real fancy equipment other than Dumbbell’s or your average pull up bar as of yet.  Today I’m throwing in some kettlebells but you can easily use dumbbells as well.  I plan on keeping them like this so everyone can keep testing their intestinal fortitude in these Thursday Throwdowns!

Now, before we go any further, let me break down how this week’s Throwdown goes down…

You’ll start by performing the following circuit with BOTH ARM first, then go through the same circuit with your WEAK ARM, then finish with your STRONG ARM and repeat for 2 total rounds.

Accomplish this is the shortest amount of time possible!

Now, I’m giving you a few options….  You can either perform this Throwdown with dumbbell OR if you have them, go with kettlebells.

Kettlebells were by far worse so if ya got em, use em!

I went with a set of 50 lbs DB’s the first time through and then 50 lbs KB’s the second time.


Here’s the circuit:

1A) DB / KB RDL x 12 reps

1B) DB / KB Clean x 9

1C) DB / KB Split Jerk x 6

1D) DB / KB Rack Split Squat x 3 / Leg

***Your goal is to complete each FULL ROUND without letting the Dumbbells or Kettlebells touch the floor.  I did NOT succeed but will next time.   Just thought I would throw in an added bonus to test you a little bit!

***A FULL ROUND is considered going through all the reps with BOTH ARMS, WEAK ARM, and STRONG ARM….

Good luck and you’re welcome!

Let’s See Those Results and Comments!!!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!