So in light of all the kickass Super Hero movies Hollywood has been pumping out recently, I compiled a list of different important things you must do to look, feel, and be more like a Super Hero.

I get questions all the time about how this did that actor get shredded to play that role or how did that guy gain all that muscle to look good for that movie and so on and so forth…  Well, live by this list and you’ll get closer to being a pretty badass Super Hero!

1) Take The Easy Route! If you’re looking for the quickest path to looking, feeling, and becoming a Super Hero, why not look into John Romaniello’s, “The Super Hero Workout” Program as it details everything from how to get jacked like Thor, get ripped like Superman, become more athletic like Batman, or get strong like the Hulk.  He’s got everything laid out and he just released it to the world!  Check it out HERE!

2) Live Aggressive and Get Strong – Attack each day to the fullest!  Take chances, live life without regrets!  This is one of the motto’s I live my own life by as you should too!

3) Train with HEAVY weights at least 1-2x’s per week.  This means using a load that you can only lift 1-5 times and no more!

4) Train with HEAVY weights using the “BIG THREE” which are: deadlifts, front squats, and military presses.  When you practice good form and technique with these three, you’ll be well on your way to Super Hero status!

5) Master your own bodyweight by doing bodyweight focused workouts.  You should be able to bust out 40-50 push ups, 15-20 pull ups, 50 ass-to-grass squats, and an endless amount of walking lunges non stop.

6) Love All People – Most Super Hero’s protect and serve people and for this, they live very fulfilled lives.  Do the same – help people get what they want, solve their problems, and you’ll get what you want and live more like a Super Hero 😉

7) Collect and Read More Comics! This may or may not work.  I just thought I’d throw this in there…  The Death of Superman series is still my all time favorite…   I have about 800-900 comics back home in storage!  It’s not as big as this collection is….  DAMN!

8) Build A Sled then drag it, pull it, push it, and sprint with it.  This will build up some strong and conditioned legs!

9) Run Hills – Pretty self explanatory here…

10) Leap Tall Buildings OR if you can’t do that, just jump alot, meaning to make sure to get in lots of skipping, bounds, broad jumps, hurdle hops, box jumps, and even jump rope.  All of these movements will help contribute to your overall athleticism and power and will make you closer to being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

11) Train with Sandbags! Build strength, power, mental toughness, and conditioning all with one tool!

12) Don’t have a Sandbag?? Find out how to MAKE YOUR OWN HERE!

13) ALWAYS Live and Train with NO EXCUSES!

14) Eat Like a Caveman or go Paleo. Switch your eating habits up and try to get as close to eating Paleo as possible.

15) Eat More Food – If you’re trying to gain more muscle like the Thing or The Hulk, you’ve got to eat more to get big!

16) Do more cardio with strength conditioning tools such as Battling Ropes and Sledgehammer circuits.  These methods of cardio won’t only get you into SICK shape but they will also help you retain muscle and strength as well.

17) Did I mention to master your own bodyweight yet?? It’s that important!  Be a badass at the basics – push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, ect….  Eat these for breakfast!  Batman does!



18) Do Deadlifts and dips. Deadlift and dip some more.  Then when you’re tired, do some more deadlifts and dips…

19) Do More Single Arm / Leg Movements such as single arm overhead presses, snatch, rows, and bench.  For legs, do more single leg Bulgarian split squats and RDL’s.  Helps single out each leg and arm plus will build more balance and stability which will result in more strength and power down the road getting you closer to Super Hero status!

20) Train Explosively – When you lift a weight, lift it FAST.  Never train slow.  Super Heros are athletic and highly powerful so train that way – be explosive by training with olympic style lifts such as cleans, snatches, jerks.  If you’re not efficient in the barbell variations do these movements with kettlebells, dumbbells, or sandbags.

21) Eat Your Greens! Make sure you’re getting in all of your veggies like spinach, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and other green leafy veggies.  If you’re not getting these in and hate eating your greens, consider a solid Greens Supplement, like

22) Set Your Mind For SUCCESS! Believe in yourself 110%!  If you have any self doubt at all, you will fail…  How are you supposed to save the world if you don’t believe in yourself?

23) Treat EVERY Workout Like War! Each and every time you train, it should be an all out Battle for success!  You should be trying to break previous records and challenge yourself every time!  Don’t take sessions off!  Give 110% or don’t give at all!

24) For more motivation on the last point, just go Go H.A.M. all day, everyday!

25) Get a solid sidekick / training partner. This is more important than you know!  You should have a sidekick that’s willing to push you beyond what you think your capable of doing and you should be able to provide the same drive for your partner!  All great Super Hero’s had a great sidekick!





26) What’s better than a having a sidekick… getting a COACH!

27) Take an Effective and Proven Meal Replacement When Need Be! When you’re on the go, you need to make sure to be prepared to get a quick meal in!  Body By Vi is a perfect choice because it’s not only proven to work for ANYbody and EVERYbody (including Super Hero’s) it’s been around for a while and not going anywhere anytime soon!  Check out the Social Proof on this stuff!

28) Break The Rules- train outside in parks, playgrounds, or where ever else you might have to fight crime.  Be ready to train anywhere at anytime!

29) Eat More Eggs! (Cage-Free Organic that is)

30) Crank out some solid Barbell Complexes at least once a week!    Nothing else will help you build and retain strength, power, and conditioning better than some solid barbell complexes!

31) Hit at least one Hardcore Hundred per week.

32) Hit your weekly Thursday Throwdown each week.

33) Train your Abs Right! If you want a shredded and strong six pack like the Super Hero’s got, then you’ll want to use athletic based core movements that not only work your abs, but challenge your whole body!  I got a FREE manual for you RIGHT HERE!

34) Have a Villain – Use This as MOTIVATION – If there’s something out there you despise or hate (hopefully not people) use this as your ultimate motivation to succeed!  Your villain can be anything you want it to be but what ever it is, it needs to be something you need to overcome.  You must overcome this “Villain” to save your own world.  My favorite villain was always Dr. Doom…  He’s a badass…

35) Defeat Your Kryptonite! Just like Superman, I too have a Kryptonite or “weakness”…  It’s called Cold Stone Ice Cream and it will KILL ME!  I must battle to defeat this kryptonite!  Find out what’s killing you slowly and destroy it before it’s too late!

37) Get More Sleep! try to get at least 6-8 hours minimum! The more sleep and rest you get, the better you’ll be at training and saving the world in your spare time….

38) Deload Every 3-4 Weeks – Aside from the tip above about getting in enough sleep, make sure you’re not over training!  Try to take an off week from the intense and crazy workouts you do every 3-4 weeks.  You’ll come back stronger than ever before!  More is not better!

39) Be Like Matt! Find a plan, stick to it, BE COMMITTED and STAY CONSISTENT and you’ll get closer to being a f*cking Super Hero in no time!

40) Train Like A Strongman! Nothing else hits more muscles and more energy systems than Strongman Training does!  This type of training will for sure get your closer to Super Hero status!  Train like a Strongman by flipping tires, doing farmer carries, HEAVY sled pulls and drags (as stated above), and by lifting various odd objects over your head such as logs, kegs, and stones.

So there you have it!  40 different ways to take the steps forward to becoming a Super Hero or getting close to it!

Try to apply these to your life as you go!

I would like to hear your comments on some more ways you can become a Super Hero!  What did I miss???

Also, as I mentioned above, The Super Hero Workout has been unleashed and it’s here to help guide you to becoming a Super Hero!  I highly recommend you give it a look!  It’s a SOLID program!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!