You know, sometimes there’s chicks out there that just might be able to kick your ass…Shawna_Kaminski

This might just be one of those chicks…

Shawna Kaminski, AKA “The Pull Up Queen” is one tough chick.

When I first met her a few years back at a training conference, I told her straight up that I thought she was lying to me when she told me her age (late 40’s at the time) as I couldn’t believe it.

It just goes to show you what taking care of your body will do for you as you get older.

When you train 110% H.A.M. (and smart) plus eat lean and clean, it all pays off.

Either way, I had the chance to interview The Pull Up Queen about a week ago and I have the video of our “Aggressive Strength Talk” session for you below.

We get into some good stuff here…

Click To Download ==> Aggressive Strength Talk w/ Shawna K

Coming up on the blog I’ll be doing some Shawna-1024x768of the challenge workouts from Shawna, one being a challenge she cooked up for this week’s Thursday Throwdown…

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Live and Train Aggressive!