After receiving a few different emails from people that frankly, weren’t willing to put in the hard work or didn’t want to hear about the concept of hard work, I felt that this needed to be said…


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From the mouth of the late, but truly great Bruce Lee, these are words to live by…

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”

i-am-bruceleeSo, what does this mean?

Well to me, it means that instead of sitting around wishing and hoping that life will all of a sudden get “easier” for you, that rather you “take life by the balls” and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

You do this through making yourself more RESISTANT to the different things life throws your way.

One of MAIN things needed is STRENGTH, both physical and mental.

How do you become stronger both physically and mentally?

Well, the BEST way I know of and preach about is by training your ass off in the gym 😉

Now, don’t get me wrong here and think that you have to train at a super advanced level, all you have to do is train the best at YOUR level.

110% H.A.M.

Bottom line is, too many people are wanting and waiting for “hand-me-outs” and are not willing to put in the time or overall effort needed to get what it is they want.

People want short cuts.

Short cuts will NOT get it done and asking for EASY will not help.

Instead, get yourself STRONGER and MORE BADASS through consistent hard work!

Get yourself so damn strong and conditioned that it makes the tough things in life a whole lot “easier”.

If you want “EASY”, be willing to work for it.

Don’t ask for it, EARN it.


What does this message mean to YOU?

Are too many people wanting “easy” these days?

What do you feel about this?  How can we fix this?

Drop your comments below.

Live and Train Aggressive!