When it comes to injuries, one of the most frequent of all questions I receive is that on shoulder pain and issues surrounding the shoulder joint.

I get at least 1-2 people a week asking me how they can train around their shoulder pain.

I’m not a specialist in injuries or rehab so when I get questions that I can’t answer 110%, I go to the experts.

A few weeks back, I got the chance to catch up with a friend of mine who’s a true professional when it comes to injuries and rehab.

His name, Rick Kaselj and he is the “Exercise for Injuries Man”.

He knows his stuff when it comes to injuries and more importantly for the sake of this blog post, he knows SHOULDER INJURIES and HOW TO FIX THEM.

Well, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Rick and dig into some of the main issues surrounding shoulder pain and injuries.

In the video below, we go over a ton of info in regards to shoulder pain and if you’re having issues, you’ll NOT want to miss this…

This is just Part I of II…

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Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – If you have questions, go ahead and post them up in the comments below and I’ll make sure Rick posts up some answers!

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