I’m back with Part II of the “Fixng Your Shoulder Pain Interrogation Series with my man, Mr Exercise For Injuries, Rick Kaselj.

If you missed Part I, check it out HERE.

In part II, Rick and I pick up right where we left off in Part I talking about the common causes of shoulder pain, how to train around your shoulder pain, how to PREVENT it, and most importantly, how to FIX it.

Don’t miss Part II and video #2 below…

One of the most frustrating things I know is being injured and not being able to train at 100%.

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Rick knows his stuff and if you ever plan to train at 100% again, especially if you’re dealing with shoulder problems, this is you ticket to seeing that get fixed.

The last thing you want to do is go under the knife!

That is the absolute LAST RESORT!

Before you do that, RESEARCH your options first to see if there’s a way to rehab and fix your shoulder issues.

Something else to think about in that regard is the difference in $$$ you’ll have to invest…

Research Based / Results Driven Manual and Done-For-You Video System VS. $1000’s in medical bills, rehab, plus maybe never fixing the problem…

The choice is yours and I leave it up to you.

The natural way may not always be the fastest or easiest, but trust me, it’s the BEST.

Definitely look into what Rick’s got going on over at DestroyShoulderPain.com 

If you have any other questions in regards to shoulder pain or issues, drop them in the comments below and I’ll get my man Rick to shoot you an answer back! 

Keep Living and Training (pain FREE) Aggressive!

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