For this week’s Thursday Throwdown I dug back into the archives and went with a seriously tough 1 arm dumbbell complex I did a while back.

This is a BRUTAL single arm dumbbell complex that will put you to the test both mentally and physically.

The basis is simple: Grab a dumbbell, put 12 mins on the clock and get to work!


Here’s how the complex breaks down:

6 reps per movement:

1A) 1 Arm Power / Hang Snatch:

I choose to start the complex out with a snatch.  The is an explosive and powerful full body movement with which you can either start from the floor and do a power snatch or perform dumbbell complexfrom a hanging position to do a hang snatch.

Power snatches are better for heavier weights where hang snatches will be used more for lower weight ranges.

The 1 arm snatch should be performed in one fluid and powerful movement.  Use your hips to move the weight, not your arms.

Make sure to keep your back tight and flat throughout the movement and have your arm tight overhead at the finish.

1B) Dumbbell Clean and Press:

I love this movement!  Probably one of my favorites!  These just feel natural as your working your whole body using an explosive hip based movement paired up with a press overhead.

As with the snatch, the dumbbell clean primarily uses the hips to move the weight, not your arms.  After you get the weight up to the rack position, you press it overhead keeping your palm facing inside.   If you’re using heavier weight, utilize your hips for more power to push press the weight overhead.

Finish with a tight overhead position just like in the snatch.

1C) Off Set Drop Lunge:

When you start to get a bit fatigued, these get rough!  This is an excellent movement to work core stability and strength whidumbbell complexle working on the legs.

Simply hold the dumbbell in the top rack position and perform a drop lunge by stepping backwards.  Focus on keeping your chest up nice and tall while dropping all the way down into your lunge.

Drive back up through your front heel to get back to the start position to finish the lift.


1D) 1 Arm Bent Row

Now, when you get to this point, your grip is going to start getting a bit waxed.  Nothing like throwing in some rows to push the grip a bit more while working the back as well!

The key to 1 arm bent rows is to get your body close to parallel.  Drop one leg back and get in a solid athletic position.  From here, keep your torso locked in place and drive you elbow explosively back while squeezing your shoulder blades.

dumbbell workoutHave your opposite leg back as opposed to which ever arm your rowing with.

1E) Single Arm Dumbbell Swings

As if 1 arm rows weren’t enough on your grip, the swings will for sure give it a test!

Swings with a dumbbell are similar to swings with a kettlebell as it’s a hip based movement but, you’ll have to widen out your feet a bit to allow the dumbbell to get between your legs

From there, explosively thrust your hips forward while keeping your back straight and tight.

Use your hips to move the weight, not your arms.

1F) Dumbbell Goblet Squats

For the last movement in the complex, I picked the goblet squat because it’s a great movement to use for transitioning from one arm to the other.

The goblet squat is basically a front loaded squat with a dumbbell.

Simply keep your chest up nice and tall while sitting your hips back and down making sure to get your ass to the grass.  Drive up through your heels and squeeze your butt at the top of the rep!

After you get through 1 side, hit this up on the other side and get as many rounds a possible in 12 mins.

I got just under 3 rounds using a 60 lbs Dumbbell.

I went ahead and finished 3 rounds just going over the 12 min time limit.

This will be a fun one to hit in a couple weeks to see how I improve.

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Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

PS – I’m thinking of doing away with these Thursday Throwdowns….  Just not enough participation as of late.  Where’s all the badass’ at???    It would break my heart to get rid of it..THOUGHTS??  COMMENTS???