So, what happens when you combine three of the most effective movements for adding on more power, strength, and speed together in one quick but BRUTAL circuit?

One BRUTAL triplet.

This week’s Thursday Throwdown is a hybrid between sprints, the kettlebell clean and press, plus the pistol squat.

But, that’s not all….  I also threw in a nice little finisher as well…  He he he…

The triplet I performed is a LETHAL combination as I found out first hand.  I hit this Throwdown in the early AM with another strength coach in town and it’s was dark as night outside so unfortunately, I don’t have a video for you this week…. All there would be to see is straight darkness…

But, before I get to this week’s Throwdown, I wanted to speak about how my days have been recently.

I just got back the other day from a 4 day stint in Allentown, PA where I was working on a Super Secret Project

I can’t wait to unleash this to the world as I know it will help tons of people!  SERIOUS people that is…

I can’t tell you too much about it quite yet but, what I can say is I put in a TON of hours!

We put in 2 days where we went 14+ hours straight!   Of course we took breaks to eat some good food but for the most part, we were hard at it for hours on end.

I’m happy it’s finished up but even happier I was able to put in the work.    It’s workouts like these from my SYSTEM and the weekly Thursday Throwdowns that help build up my strength, power, and endurance.

The secret formula is taking the type of training methods I do and mixing it with solid eating habits.

Without the eating, you’re SH*T!

Seriously, if you’re not eating good, wholesome, and nutrient dense foods, you will lose!

You’ll look like sh*t, feel like sh*t, and be sh*t….

You’ve got to properly fuel your body for performance and I was lucky enough to have been supplied with TONS of healthy foods when I was on the trip.

I wish I would have gotten some good footage of the meals I got fed but, unfortunately I didn’t get the chance.

But, you should have seen it.

I had the whole layout; Chicken, steak, eggs, mixed salads with nuts, seeds, and all the fresh fruit and veggies you could imagine!

It was like living in a dream.

All the foods were Paleo Approved too! (So I didn’t feel as bad when I overindulged a little bit 😉 )

Anyways, I just wanted to share my experience with you is all as I’m extremely fired and jacked up to get this stuff out to you in the close future!

On that note, let’s get to the point of this post, here’s this week’s Throwdown:

Run 400 yards

-2 KB Pistols / leg

-2 KB Clean and Presses / arm

-4 Kettlebell Swings

Run 300 yards

-4 KB Pistols / leg

– 4 KB Clean and Press / arm

– 8 Kettlebell Swings

Run 200 yards

-6 KB Pistols / leg

– 6 KB Clean and Press / arm

– 12 Kettlebell Swings

Run 100 yards

-8 KB Pistols / leg

– 8 KB Clean and Press / arm

– 16 Kettlebell Swings

I used a 60 lbs kettlebell and finished with a time of 12:21.

As for the finisher….  Here’s what went down:

Kettlebell Rack Walk x 50 yards

Kettlebell Farmer Walk x 50 yards

30 Burpees

Kettlebell Rack Walk x 35 yards

Kettlebell Farmer Carry x 25 yards

15 Burpees

Lay dead on the ground….  Final time on that – 5:02

This was definitely a conditioning style Throwdown for sure.  I found the pistols to be the most challenging.

I started out strong hitting my pistols with the 60 lbs KB but quickly went to bodyweight after the first round.  These are still a HUGE weakness for me and I must continue to attack them to force myself to get better.

You must always attack your weaknesses head-on!  Never try to go around them because those weaknesses, if neglected, will come back to haunt you…

On a quick side note, if you don’t have a kettlebell, it’s time to get one!

Get with the times and stop making EXCUSES.  It will be the BEST investment you ever make!

I get a lot of people that write in and say they can’t do the Throwdown because they don’t have a Kettlebell….  Save up your lunch money for a few weeks, stop going out on the weekends and wasting it on drinks, and buy yourself a nice Kettlebell.  All you need is one!

You’ll use it for the rest of your life! 

If you need to get a good solid kettlebell, here’s where to find one ==>  Dragon Door

Now, go find a nice open field, bring your Kettlebell, some energy and hit this up!

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Live Aggressive and Get Strong! 

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