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Now, I’m sure that by now you’ve heard about the infamous “Spartan Race”?

If you don’t know, I grabbed this right off the front page of for an clear and accurate definition…

Spartan Race™, the global leader in Obstacle Racing since 2005, was designed by seven insane ultra athletes and a Royal Marine. If you have tried trail races, mud runs, tough guy fun runs, or a warrior dash, it’s time to step up to a brutal Spartan Race obstacle course. You can tackle a Spartan Sprint, a Super Spartan, but only a few of you will have the heart to graduate up to our Death Race; the world championship of obstacle racing, and an endurance race like NO other. Are you unbreakable?

Why Spartan? Because the Spartans were tough as nails. Why race our obstacle course races? Because we all thrive under pressure, survival of the fittest. Our goal is simple… to get you off your couch, throw you in the mud & trails, and feed you one tough endurance event day that will be the adrenalin rush of your life.

An obstacle course race is designed to test your resilience, strength, stamina, quick decision making skills, and ability to laugh in the face of adversity. We want to own obstacle racing and our unique obstacle course trail races will demand every ounce of your strength, ingenuity, and animal instinct.

You will understand at the finish line…


Not to bad eh??  Kind of sounds like something I would attempt to do…

With the popularity of these HARDCORE races growing each and every month it seems, I was quick to accept the offer from some of the Spartan Race peeps when they asked me if they could come in to experience a intense workout at my gym, The Forged Athlete.

Of course I was quick to say YES!  I know what our type of training can do for an athelte that’s serious about their performance.

With Spartan Race, you want to be ready for anything.  You’ve got to be highly conditioned not only physically but also mentally.

I really enjoyed this from the Spartan Race website that states “The Spartan Code”

A Spartan pushes their mind and body to their limits.
A Spartan masters their emotions.
A Spartan learns continuously.
A Spartan gives generously.
A Spartan leads.
A Spartan stands up for what they believe in, no matter the cost.
A Spartan knows their flaws as well as they know their strengths.
A Spartan proves themselves through actions, not words.
A Spartan lives every day as if it were their last.


I aggree 110%!

Do you?

With that being said, it’s time to get into the training session we hit for the Spartan Race…

1A) Prowler Sprints x 4 (Light and Fast – warm ups)

2A) KB/DB 1 Arm Snatch 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
2B) Box Jump 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

3A) Sandbag Push Press 4 x 6
3B) Strict Pull Ups 4 x submax

4A) Kettlebell Swings 3 x 15
4B) Handwalks 3 x max

5A) Heavy Slead Drags x 3

For the crazy endurance runners – run 2 miles post workout…

That’s not me 😉  I think the Spartan Race chicks did possibly…

I went and had a Protein Shake instead 😉

As you can see, there is NO edurance type stuff involved with this workout other than the pace of the workout.  It should be fast and aggressive.  You’ve got to ATTACK!

Even endurance type runners and athletes in general need to be training like this.  When you build up more strength, power, and athleticism, you’ll build up more endurance as well.

Just about 6 months ago or so I ran a 5K without ever having run over a mile in my life and I got a pretty solid time of around 21 mins or so.  Not bad for never really running further than a mile!

This type of training works!

Here’s some highlights!


I really enjoyed the Spartan Race chicks coming by my gym!  I believe they will be making this a monthly gig so watch out for more clips to come!

In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on some of these “Warrior Races”

I say YES!  You’ll more than likely be seeing me in one very soon!  Let me hear your thoughts!