Been a crazy week over here at Train Aggressive basecamp.

Since the launch of the NEW 5.0 of The Relentless Muscle Challenge, I’ve been getting a TON of questions from people wanting to know more about it and what type of program it will be.

Instead of trying to explain all the in’s and out’s of the new program, I thought I would just give you a LIVE run-through of one of the Relentless workouts that will be featured within the program…

Here goes…

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The session I go over above is what I like to call a “SPEED SHRED” Day.

It’s focus is on POWER mixed in with a bit of strength, but is designed to be a short and INTENSE training session.

Get in and out FAST 😉

Here’s the layout:

1A) Full Body Step Vertical Jump OR Step Tuck Jumps x 2 Reps every 20 secs x 3 Mins

2A) 4 Rounds of:

a) 1A KB Strict Press OR Bottoms Up Press 4 x 5

b) 1A KB Front Rack Squat 4 x 10

c) 1A KB Bent “Athletic Stance” Row 4 x 10

***NO REST – Switch arms and repeat on the other side

***Rest ONLY 30-60 secs MAX between sets

3A) KB Sumo Deadlift “Pop Squats” x 3 Reps every 20 secs x 3 Mins

4A) Relentless Finisher – “Death By Burpee” – E.M.O.T.M. x 6 Reps, then 8, 10, 12…

***Go until you’re unable to fit in all of the work within the minute.

Short, sweet, and INTENSE.

The workout shouldn’t take you but 30 mins or less to crank out.

All you need is you own bodyweight and a kettlebell OR dumbbell.

That’s how ALL of the workouts are set up within The Relentless Muscle Challenge 5.0.

Now, in addition to getting your hands on highly effective, KICKASS workouts like this, you’ll also be getting access to me as your Relentless Coach for the FULL 6 weeks of the program.

This is the MOST powerful parts of the whole Challenge.

And with that you’ll also be getting access to the rest of the Relentless Muscle Crew who will all be going through the same workouts as you will be so you’ll NEVER be alone on your journey.

The support and extra accountability will be HUGE in terms of pushing you ahead.

There will also be weekly challenges that will push you above and beyond + other goodies that I can share with you unless you’re on the “inside”.

If you’re not on the inside yet, you still have a chance to join up!


The Relentless Muscle Challenge 5.0 starts up on Monday and there are still a few spots left!


If you’re on the fence and thinking about joining, now’s the time to get on board because spots are filling FAST.

Things get crazy this Monday, the 29th.

Let me know what types of questions you have about the challenge or the sample training session I supplied above.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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