Been getting things all set for the Relentless Muscle Challenge 5.0 which is starting up this coming Monday.

Over the past couple of days, my inbox has been getting filled with a lot of questions from people wanting to know more about RM5.0 before they jump into the fire.

I don’t blame you 😉

Real quick before I get into some of these questions, I need to go over a very IMPORTANT point in regards to SUCCESS with both life in and OUT of the gym…

If you want something and you want it bad, it’s time YOU step out of your little “safe spot” and into the UNKNOWN.

This is where the real sh*t happens!

The Relentless Muscle Challenge 5.0 is NOT about comfort…

It’s about pushing YOU above and beyond and further then you think you can go.

You either accept the challenges life throws your way or you pass them up.

When you pass them up, that’s when you pass up SUCCESS.

Of course, when ever there’s a chance for success, there’s always chance for failure as well, but that’s the risk you must take.

Just know this important fact of life when thinking about doing anything.

You either go for it, or you sit back and watch it go on by.

You choice.

Just a little something-something for you to chew on…

And with that, here’s the most common questions I answered in regards to RM5.0…

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Questions I cover include:

-Is RM5.0 only for guys or can girls do it too?

-What kind of workouts will I be doing within RM5.0?

-Will the workouts be able to be scaled?

-I’m scared and not sure if I can do RM5.0, what should I do? (I hope you know this answer)

-Will I be able to build 20 lbs of Muscle with this challenge?

-Is the RM5.0 just for fat loss (Quick answer is NO)

-Plus more…

Bottom Line – Spots are almost filled and the DEADLINE to sign up is very close.

It’s now or never and we start kicking ass this coming Monday with to without you.Comfort-Zone

Time to step out of your COMFORT ZONE and into the UNKNOWN!

This picture  SAYS IT ALL ——>

==> Relentless Muscle Challenge 5.0

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – Got any additional questions?  Drop em in the comments!

***If you’re already signed up, share with the Aggressive Strength Empire what YOUR goal is for the next 6 weeks! 

Pumped to help YOU get there.

PPS – Deadline is near, SPOTS are Limited, Time to Get Crazy…

—> Relentless Muscle 5.0 (See the past RESULTS)