Ok so if you’ve been following along with my messages this week,
it’s no big surprise that it’s been dedicated to knee pain.

The main reasons?

Number 1, I know there’s a LOT of people out there struggling daily
with knee pain and number 2, Fix my Knee Pain was just released
this week (this is a SOLUTION to cure that pain).

My MISSION is to make sure YOU crush your goals both in and out of the gym so when ever something comes around that I know will help you do this, I’m going to tell you about it.

To keep things rolling, I’ve got a few more tweaks and tricks I wanted to share in order to help you DESTROY your knee pain (or at least help with it).

(Rick Kaselj going over some key points on how to avoid KNEE
PAIN and me trying to look H.A.M)
The following tweaks I have for you are in regards to the main
movement that causes most people grief…What’s this movement you may ask?
The SquatYES, the number one exercise that people ask me about when it comes to
knee pain is the squat.
Travis, I can’t squat full depth…
Are squats hurting my knees more?
Should I even squat at all?
When people get knee pain their quick to blame the squat.
After they do that, they throw squats out completely which can be a total
mistake or worse, they continue to do them WRONG.
Instead, look more into your TECHNIQUE on how to squat BETTER.
Some Common Mistakes:
-Stance is too narrow – feet too close
-Knees shoot forward – instead of butt back (this causes the most pain)
-Not going through full range of motion – only doing half squats
How to FIX these Mistakes:
For the first tweak, spread your feet out a little bit wider to at least
shoulder width apart.  Don’t go too wide! 
Next, turn your toes out a slight bit and make sure your weights back on
your heels.
From there, instead of squatting straight down (like a lot of people do),
first push your butt back and down while you push your knees OUT.
To help with this, imagine you’re gripping the ground with your toes and
twisting off bottle caps with your feet (twisting your knees OUT).
Doing this will force you to squeeze your butt and keep your knees out
instead of letting them come in or too far forward.
Your #1 FOCUS should be on keeping your shins vertical and knees
Any shift forward with the knees will cause possible pain.
For the last part, as you squat down make sure to get your ass to at least parallel.
If need be, set up a box behind you so you have something to shoot for.
Overtime as you get better, you can get rid of the box (AKA – lose the training
Now, If you have trouble with your mobility and getting your ass to parallel, a nice little trick that I picked up over the years is to SIT in the bottom of where your squat needs
to be.
In other words, “Act As If” you can already squat ass to grass 😉
How do you do this?
I call them “SUMO Squat Sits” and you can do these with or without support.
squat sit
 Step 1 – Set up your feet as if you were going to do a normal squat
Step 2 – Squat as I’ve told you to do so from above.
Step 3 – Sit in the bottom of your your squat (where you’re supposed to
Step 4 – While in the bottom of your squat, make sure to push your knees
OUT and keep your shins parallel. 
***Hold onto something in front of you if you need support or help getting LOW
Step 5 – Hold this position for 1-5 mins.

***Side Note*** 

I like to do these at home when I watch TV (ESPN and Walking Dead mostly or re-runs of any of the Terminator’s or Pumping Iron)…

couch sits

I’ll sit my butt and lower back against my couch as I sit in a deep squat and push my knees out with my elbows.

I’ll sit like this for 4-5 mins at a time, but have done 10 mins as well.

I’d do this everyday.

Just make sure your on your heels and your shins are vertical.

Has helped loosen up my hips a TON! 

Some additional points…
-do a little bit of “bouncing” in the bottom of your squat to help loosen
up a bit more
-keep your chest UP – don’t allow your back to round out – keep shoulder blades back and “active”
-never shift forward onto your toes and keep your weight back on your heels
Once you get to this point, you should be feeling better, squatting deeper and best of all, squatting more Pain FR*EE.
Bottom line, I hope that these little tweaks and tricks will help you out 😉

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