3 rules of finishers

So if you’re not sure of what a “Finisher” is quite yet, it’s time you learn.

I’m A HUGE fan of finishers for a lot of different reasons which I’ll talk more about below.  The main point for this blog post is to go over some the important RULES there are in regards to finishers.

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finishers 2.0

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Anyways, like I said up above, what I want to go over within this blog post are some Basic RULES that I follow when designing my Hardcore Finishers. 

Bottom line – It’s NOT about just throwing a bunch of random movements together.

For an example of this, I received an email similar to this a few weeks back…

Hey Travis, I did this as a “finisher” today…  Let me know what you think!  

First I did 5 Mins on Rower then 20 reps of back squat then max set of pull ups, then went to the exercise bike for 5 mins then peck deck 3 sets of 15, then push ups x max, then close grip lat pull downs, then on treadmill incline sprints x 1 min then 30 slam balls + burpee combo, then did some sledge hammer swings, then 3 sets of skull crushers and curls plus some tricep kickbacks, then DB lateral raises, then 20 walking lunges per leg, then 100 box jumps, then seated cable row x 10, then I finished it all with 30 burpees.  Oh and then I threw in some rope slams and tire flips as well because those are freakin’ cool…

That right there isn’t a “finisher”, that’s a damn mess or a whole damn training session in itself for that matter!  LOL.

Now, in all honesty when I say that I’ve truly received emails from people with “finishers” such as this, I telling the truth.

I was straight up with each of these people when I said that they need to cut it back a bit.  it’s my MISSION to make sure that YOU succeed so if you’re making this mistake of coming up with “finishers” similar to what I posted above, STOP now!

While finishers should be challenging and designed to be hard, there also needs to be some sort of “control” or “method to the madness”.

In other words, there still needs to be a few sets of RULES that you follow when implementing in finishers.

Now, don’t get me wrong into thinking that you have to go by the book here as I  totally recommend being a bit more chaotic with your finishers, but throwing a bunch of movements together for the simple goal of making you dog tired isn’t going to be the best overall option for you and your results.

Some finishers only have to be ONE single movement or two.  Not every thing you can possible do in the gym 😉

If all you do is simply throw a bunch of crap together in hopes of “destroying yourself”, this tactic may work at first (if you’re less advanced), but over time you’ll want some sort of strategic design to your finishers to help match your training sessions and goals.  Not a “let’s do this and that” type of approach.

So, with the basics being laid out, let’s get into some RULES…

Hardcore Finisher RULES:

#1 – Choose BIG MONEY Movements based around your training session and or goals.

This is simple – pick solid “bang for you buck” movements that are functional in nature and will give you a lot in return.  There’s a whole laundry list of movements you can choose from here.

Movements you’d want to avoid include isolation movements like curls, tricep kickbacks, and heaven forbid you do crunches, ect.  Just make sure you’re working a lot of muscles and being aggressive with your movements ;).

Some of my favorite “BIG MONEY” movements…forgedchipper

  • All Squat variations
  • All Lunge Variations
  • Cleans, Snatch, Push Press variations
  • Thrusters
  • Pull Up and Push Up Variations
  • Burpee variations
  • Box Jump variations
  • Sled / prowler Movements
  • Short Sprints
  • Kettlebell swing variations
  • Gymnastics movements and variations (pistol squats, jumps, muscle ups, ect)
  • And the list goes on and on…

To add to these movements, I make sure to use a multitude of different strength implements such as:

  • Bodyweight
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Barbell
  • Sandbags
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Anything you can make useful…

#2 – Keep Your Finishers Short and Sweet – My personal rule for finishers is to keep them under the 12-15 minute time cap.  Anything longer then that has just now become a freaking workout in itself vs. a “finisher”.

Unless you haven’t hit a workout before you choose to do a finisher, maybe you can cut past the 15 min mark, but for strict finishers, keep them below this time frame.

Depending on your current fitness level, you may want to go even shorter then 12-15 mins.

Shoot, there’s nothing wrong with a nice little 3 min finisher because trust me, you can get a LOT done in just 3 mins 😉

Fast Example – Go do just 3 mins of some DB Man Makers and tell me that wasn’t hard…

#3 – Keep Your Finishers INTENSE – Blending into the point from above, the longer your finishers are, the LESS intense they’ll get (unless you’re a total FREAK). 

It’s like Sprinting vs. Running Long Distance. 

Sprints are short and fast, but produce lots of POWER and EXPLOSION.  In return you get LEAN, MEAN, and STRONG.

Long Distance Running…  Not so much.

Just look at the difference between a sprinter and a marathon runner…

finifhersFor this rule, imagine your finishers as SPRINTS and NOT marathons.

You’ll get a whole bunch back in return.

So, there you go.

A few RULEZ to abide for when you plan to tack on some finishers to your training sessions.

In my opinion, adding in solid and well designed finishers in at the end of your training session is one of the BEST ways to Build Mental Strength, Serious Levels of Conditioning, and Shred Fat.  Not to mention you’ll build more lean muscle as well.

Just be ready to push yourself and WORK HARD 😉

If you’re NOT doing finishers now, it’s time you start!

Live and (Finish) Aggressive!

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