I was looking back at some of my archived videos and I came across my Strongman Training video and realized, it’s been a while since I’ve filmed a strongman workout!

I will have another one for your viewing pleasure soon but for now, I wanted to talk about the impact strongman training can have when coupled with an even stronger eating plan.

Before I get into it, for those that are interested, Elliot Hulse has just released a kickass Strongman Training Program that is just simply BEASTLY!

If you didn’t know, Elliot is an ex-pro strongman so if I were to take advice from anyone on how to train strongman, it would be from Elliot!

More on that in a bit….

For now, if you’re unfamiliar with strongman traning let me catch you up to speed.

Strongman training is based around functional, heavy movements that force you to move athletically.

Some basic examples of strongman movements include:

Giant Tire Flips – Basically take a large heavy tractor tire and flip it.

Deadlift Variations and Medleys – Grab a heavy weight and stand up with it.

Farmers Walk – Carry one implement in each hand for a given distance or time.  can be with dumbbells, kettlebells, or actual farmer handles.

Log, Axle, Keg, or Dumbbell Clean & Press – Take a weight from the ground to overhead.

Vehicle, Chain, or Sled Pulling (harness, drag, arm-over-arm) – Move an object by pulling/pushing for a specific distance or time.

Yoke Walk – Carry a weight across your back for a designated time or distance.

Sandbag, Keg, or Stone Loading and Carrying – Pick an object up and put it on a platform or carry for a designated time / distance.

Those are just a few of the different movements included within a Strongman Training Program or show that you would most likely see on TV at 2am in the morning.  I know you’ve stumbled upon the late night reruns of classic strongman championships…. 😉

Now the key to these movements is not the fact that each of them will get you strong as all heck, that’s a given.  The important this to realize is that these movements will all challenge the body like non other!

They will challenge you to become both explosive, balanced, highly conditioned, and mobile.  On top of getting you strong and building muscle, strongman training will also get you lean!

Training with different strongman movements taxes your body a ton which will help with burning a high amount of calories.  And since most strongman exercises require a lot of movement, you’re basically getting in a bunch of super high intensity cardio at the same time which really helps with overall fat loss as well.

Last summer, I hit a strongman infused workout at least 1 time a week to help stay leaned up and strong.

Here’s a refresher of an old video….


Like I stated above, I’m due for another good strongman video!  So hold tight while I get another one filmed here soon!   I’ll post it up and let you know when I do….

It’s good to drag, push, and carry heavy sh*t around once in a while!  It’ll make you tough!

Now, along with strongman training, if you’re really wanting to crank up your results and get LEAN and MEAN, I have a secret weapon for you…

If you’re new to my blog, you might have not heard about this quite yet but if you’re a regular visitor, you would already know about the power of Paleo eating.

This style of eating is the real deal and when combined with a solid training regimen, you’re potential for getting extremely jacked and shredded is unimaginable!

To help with this, I created a special manual to help those in need of guidance when it comes to Paleo eating called: PALEO RIPPED.

In this manual I go over 7 Essential steps one must take to ensure success with Paleo eating.  I also include meal templates and guides to help you be more successful with Paleo eating.

Many people I know have tried Paleo but many have also failed.  Paleo can be tough but it is 110% possible to sustain not only an extremely healthy life but also an enjoyable life as well.

NO ONE is going to follow some crap eating style that restricts you from everything that has good taste.  Paleo is NOT about that!

I reveal the goods within this manual and right now, I’m ONLY offering it as a special bonus along side Elliot Hulse’s Hardcore Hybrid Strongman training guide and for a limited time too!

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Live Aggressive and Get Strong!



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