This was a crazy weekend of intense workouts!  Every single event pushed me to the limit.

There has been plenty of times I’ve spilt loads of sweat in the gym on my own but in the heat of battle, there just nothing quite like the effort you put forth during these types of competitions.

Even though I didn’t make the cut to get into the games I know I took many steps ahead both physically and mentally.

Below I put together some highlights of my events so you can check out the intensity of these workouts.





Here were the events:

Wod 1 – 1000m run, 30 hspu, 1000m row

Wod 2 – thruster ladder

Wod 3 – 21-15-9 315DL + box jump

Wod 4 – 100 of each – pull ups, kbs, double unders, ohs

Wod 5 – 9-7-5 muscle ups + squat snatch

Wod 6 – 20 Cal row, 30 burpees, 40 DB ground to overhead, 50 toes to bar, 100 ft overhead walk, 150 ft sprint

This was a great line up of workouts for sure.  Tested my limits to the max but left me HUNGRY for more!

GOAL – Win it next year!  The road starts now….

Go ahead and leave your comments below!  What are YOUR goals???

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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