I gotta tell ya it was quite difficult to type this post on the computer as I could barely raise my arms.

Day 2 is down after my first ever Crossfit competition.  This was the BRUTAL day.

Workout 1 (strict Crossfitters call it a WOD) was 21-15-9 of 315# deadlift and 30 inch box jumps.

This is NOT one of my strong points in that A) I hardly ever deadlift for high reps and B) I hardly ever do box jumps for high reps.

So going in to that event I was lost and didn’t really know what to think.

When you go into something new and challenging, there’s always going to be a little bit of fear in your mind.  You have a few choices…

A) Let that fear take over and totally ruin your performance by sinking in and creating a whole slew of negativity and doubt…


B) You stand up in the face of fear and punch it right squat in the f*cking mouth!

I choose B.

Sometimes it’s a hard choice.  You have these voices in your head that want to talk you out of it.  They say…  “give up”…  “rest”… “stop”…  “I’m tired”…

Nothing but negative self talk!

You can let this type of stuff consume you and totally pin you down or you can find that little place in the back of your mind that won’t ever in a million years let one ounce of doubt or negative self talk enter it’s doors.

It’s your own personal “steel box”, and it’s located in the back of your mind and guess what, everyone has one!  People just need to learn how to use it!

This was brought up to me as I was speaking to my dad on the phone last night.  We got into how I was feeling coming into the 2nd day of my competition and I sounded a little doubtful.

So he said that I had to access that small little box in the back of my head and not let ANYTHING in.

He’s told me this before and I’ve used it.  But sometimes, self doubt will force you to forget you have it.

You can’t ever let this happen.

When he told me that, I knew I was going to be alright!  I knew I was going to give it everything I have and nothing was going to stop me from going to f*cking battle and making it happen no matter what!


I want YOU to find your own “steel box” and unleash its power!  You have a “steel box” even if you don’t think you do!

Use it and you’ll be unstoppable!

Keep training H.A.M. no matter what!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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