For this week’s Thursday Throwdown I added in something short, but INTENSE.

One of the things that I’ve been doing lately is focusing in on shorter hardcore conditioning finishers so I can keep my intensity higher during the end of my sessions.

What I’ve also been doing is implementing in a bit of strategic rest to allow my body to recover just enough so I can keep my intensity high.

A common problem people run into (including myself) is they totally blow themselves away early within their conditioning session to where their intensity drops.

This happens a lot with your longer conditioning sessions such as 20 min AMRAP circuits or even your higher rep metcons like 21-15-9’s.

It’s almost like running 100 yard sprints with only 10 second rest periods as that sprint is going to quickly turn into nothing more then a moderate paced jog.

It all comes down to variety and your overall conditioning level.

Obviously if your a BEAST and have been hammering out longer conditioning sessions for a while you don’t have to worry as much.

But, if you want to get your work capacity better, I’m a fan on focusing in on multiple types of conditioning, not just burn out sessions that go straight through like most of your typical “metcons’ do.

Now, don’t get me wrong as you should still be implementing in different metcons like your 21-15-9’s and even your 20 Min AMRAP’s, but not all the time.

Mix it up.

For this, I like shorter AMRAP sets that are around 3 mins or less.  Within these short 3 min sets, I can keep my intensity higher and even focus in on tougher movements.

Short intervals + Higher Skilled Movements + HIGH Intensity = A Great Combo for getting highly conditioned.

Overtime I’ll start programming in longer intervals like 4-6 mins in length with the same amount of rest in between AMRAP’s.

For now I’m sticking to 2-3 mins.

Here’s what went down for this week’s Thursdy Throwdown:

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Terrible Two Finisher #1

2 Min AMRAP x 5 Rounds

1A) Bar Muscle Up x 2

1B) Wall Walk x 2

1C) Sandbag Shouldering OR Stone Shouldering x 1 / shoulder

***Rest 1 Min In Between Rounds

Terrible Two Finisher #2

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So you may think that 2 mins of work might be easy?

Think again.

For the first finisher Throwdown I got in just 2 rounds for the first 4 sets then squeezed in 3 rounds the 5th set.  For the second, I believe I got in 4-5 rounds for the first 3 sets then 6 for the last 3.

This tells me I need to push a lot harder from the start.

I know I need to be upping the pace a lot more in the earlier rounds and not holding back as much.

This will only push me to the next level.

I suggest you focus on this as well!

Go ahead and hit up these AMRAP sets and see what you got.  I’m interested to see what YOU can do.  Post up your thoughts and comments below!

To score yourself, add up the TOTAL amount of rounds you complete for each Terrible Two’s Finisher you do.  They must be COMPLETE rounds to count.

Live and Train Aggressive!


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