arnold conquer posterIt’s Monday which means we’ve got to get our mind right…

Speaking of Mondays, what is it about Monday’s that get’s people so down?

Why do people HATE Monday’s so much?

Either way, if you want to CONQUER things, especially Monday’s, watch this video to see what I have to say about it…

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So, what are YOU?

Just another BIG Talker or BIG Doer?

Let me just say to all of you that TOOK ACTION with the Relentless Muscle 6 Week Challenge are abunch of DOer’s…  Can’t wait to see what type of RESULTS are going to be accomplished here in the next 42 days.


Let me know what it is that YOU are set out to CONQUER this week and on into the future and instead of just “talking about it”, tell me how YOU’RE going to DO it? 

Let’s get some comments going here!  Don’t just be someone else that stops by and never contributes!  I want to know what you’re thoughts are!  

Live and Train Aggressive!