After a ton of time wasted, I’ve fired back up the podcast.

What used to be “110HAM Radio” has now morphed into “Forged FATHER FM”.

This is a special and unique podcast that I’m doing specifically for DADS.

Not just any dad, but the DRIVEN DAD.


I’m going to be dropping some TRUTH in the podcast that’s either going to fire you up or possibly piss you off.

Shoot, it might even hurt your feelings, but that’s what the TRUTH tends to do…

The TRUTH hurts sometimes and if you’re not living by it, it’ll eat you up and spit you out and won’t give two shits about it either.

I’m excited to get this thing launched (finally).

It’s been too long and I’ve been a hippocratic in this process.

I tell men to TAKE ACTION and I’ve been sitting on this “podcast” thing for far too long.

The wait it over…

To kick this thing off I’ll be doing a 10 Episode feature on the “Driven DADS Journey”.

To get the most out of this podcast, follow it episode by episode as they’ll build upon one another in order.

And get yourself ready…

Here’s a link to the Podcast on Soundcloud –> CLICK HERE