So, I’ve always stressed a TON about how important it is to have a STRONG MIND for when it comes down to getting better results with your training.

When it comes down to it, your MINDSET is everything.


Without a strong mind that’s set on success, it’ll be damn near impossible to achieve any sort of BIG time goals.

Now, I know we all have our own “inner demons” or what are known as “self doubts”, which can be super limiting to our progress, but it’s important that you not let these “doubts and demons” control your ability and potential for achieving more success.

It all starts with the BELIEF in that YOU can and WILL SUCCEED.

But, is having this belief enough?

Unfortunately, while it’s super important, it’s NOT always enough.

While having the belief to SUCCEED is extremely critical and carries a LOT of weight in terms of the success you achieve both in and out of the gym, it’s not the end-all-be-all determining factor of whether or not you’ll actually succeed.

There’s actually quite more to this.

This is “mental strength” at a whole other level.

Now, before I share more, let me tell you about how I discovered these special “mental strength” concepts.

Just a few weeks ago, while I was in San Diego holding The NO BS Secrets of Strength Workshop with a few of my buddy’s Tyler Bramlet, and Logan Christopher, I discovered some seriously powerful stuff.loganstrong

When it was Logan’s turn to present on his “Jedi Mind Strength Trick Skills”, I was simply blown away beyond measure. (I came up with that name BTW 😉 )

A lot of the concepts he was covering simply blew me away!

I’ll be straight up with you here and tell you that I in fact just discovered some of these “mental strength” techniques and when I found out about them, I had to know more!

These “mindset tricks” are in fact SKILLS that can be learned and when you learn to hone in on these skills, your ability to perform will simply blow through the roof!

This is NO BS!

I’ve saw it happen right before my eyes at the workshop.

So, what I’ve done is interview my buddy Logan Christopher about some of these amazing “Jedi Mind Strength Skills” and techniques.

We get into a lot of the details within the video below so make sure to check it out…

DOWNLOAD VIDEO (right click and “save as”)


The bottom line is, there are HUGE barriers that are standing between YOU and your overall goals and while there are ways to get around them physically through training 110% H.A.M., you may be missing the boat on the MENTAL side of things.

If you want to find out more on how to unlock your true potential via real Mental Strength Training, Check Out “Think and Grow STRONG”

Think and Grow StrongThis is some seriously deep stuff in regards to “mindset”.

Post up any thoughts, questions or comments you’ve got below.

Live and Train Aggressive!