It’s Thursday, so why not give you a little bit of a “Thursday Throwback” pic??

When my parents were back for Christmas a month ago, they brought a box full of pictures from when I was younger

I stumbled across an old pic of me when I was in college 15 years ago.

When I look at the pic, I can remember I was at my all time worst fitness wise.

I was a bit chubby and soft.

To be honest, I hate that picture.

Back then I was “in shape”, but I wasn’t anywhere near where I am today.

Back then I didn’t “get it”.

Sure, I was playing football and baseball and I trained like a madman, but I treated my body like complete shit.

I was your typical college dude…

I ate pizza, burgers, wings, and Chinese food weekly and almost never cooked meals at home.

If I did cook at home, it was always TV dinners, ramen noodles, or something nasty like that.

I drank alcohol a solid 3-4 nights a week.

I stayed up late and slept in almost every day.

If I had to get up early, it was terrible.

And despite working out almost every day of the week, I didn’t look it…

I compared this pic with how I look today.

Two completely different physiques.

Two completely different dudes.

One guy had the identity and lifestyle of a college dude, the other now has the identity and lifestyle of a “Forged FATHER”.

Sure, my priorities were a whole lot different back when I was in college…

I didn’t have a family to take care of yet…

I didn’t have two different business’ to run and take care of…

My priorities back then were about having fun and living it up, thus my lifestyle reflected that…

-I ate like crap all the time
-I drank a lot of alcohol
-I didn’t take sleep seriously
-I thought I could out-train a shitty diet and lifestyle

After graduating college and starting my career as a coach, my lifestyle and identity drastically changed.

It changed even more so after I became a dad.

Now I’m all about keeping myself in the best shape possible while living a fun and healthy lifestyle.

Not just for myself, but for my FAMILY.

+ I’m very mindful about what I eat – not 100% strict, I enjoy all the foods I eat, but I primarily fuel my body for health and energy

+ I don’t drink anymore (only on special occasions)

+ I take my sleep VERY SERIOUSLY – sleep is like GOLD, get it while you can, especially with 3 daughters all under the age of 5

+ I know and understand that training is apart of a healthy lifestyle and only a small piece of the big picture – I take it very seriously and it’s a high priority

Now, what’s interesting about all this is in how a LOT of the men I chat with these days have the mindset of a “college guy”.

Despite being DADS and having kids with a career, most of these guys still treat life as if they were in college.

Meaning, they eat like shit, drink alcohol quite often, don’t focus in on getting enough sleep, and if they do workout, it’s not that consistent.

Then these men wonder why they’re so run-down, unfit, and overweight.

They wonder why their body looks like it does and why their health is on the decline.

They wonder why they can’t make a change.

It’s because of TWO very important things.


Sure, most guys want to be fit and healthy while also having an amazing looking physique…

But most men aren’t willing to LIVE THE LIFESTYLE…

A LIFESTYLE that will cater to better health, fitness, plus a lean and mean physique.

Sure… you can train your ass off a few times a week or even every single day of the week, but if the rest of your lifestyle sucks, you’ll NEVER get the results you want.

Lifestyle is about the BIG PICTURE and putting ALL the pieces together, not just a few.

#2 – Your IDENTITY

Who do you truly see yourself as?

Do you see yourself as a run-down, fat, and overweight middle-aged dude with a dad bod?

Sure, while this might be the reality of your situation, you don’t have accept it.

Chances are though, if that’s who you see, that’s exactly who you’ll show up as day after day.

Your LIFESTYLE will reflect that so that’s exactly where you’ll stay.

It’s crazy but TRUE.

Now, if you see yourself as a lean, strong, energized, and powerful guy, you’ll show up as that guy.

Even if you’re not there yet, you’ll show up as that guy IDENTITY wise.

This is what it takes to make a transformation.

This is what it takes to change up your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle will reflect WHO you believe yourself to be.

Your habits, behaviors, and routines will all reflect that of WHO YOU SEE YOURSELF AS.

So, who do you truly IDENTITY YOURSELF AS??

Fat, unhealthy, run-down, lazy, and timid?

Or lean, heathy, powerful, energized, and confident?

Sounds like a bunch of mindset-mumbo-jumbo-bullshit but it’s NOT.

It’s real shit.

I hit on how I now have the identity of a “Forged FATHER” up above.

What’s that even mean?

It means that I live by a set of codes.

These codes are apart of WHO I am and how I live my life.

These are the codes I have all of my guys inside The Forged FATHER Project live by.

These codes go as such…

+ I OWN Up
+ I Live With DISCIPLINE (I don’t rely on motivation)
+ I’m the CAUSE not the effect
+ I COMMIT To the Process

And the other code I’ve recently added in is this…


At the end of the day, I am who I am and I do what I do.

You can be WHOEVER you want to be, you just have to make the choice and then LIVE IT through daily action and determination.

If you’re NOT where you want to be in life right now, take a hard look at HOW you live your life and WHO you’re showing up as on a day-to-day basis.

You might find the answer you’re looking for right there with WHAT you must change.

PS – If you’re SERIOUS about TRANSFORMATION and you’re committed to putting the work needed to change, CLICK HERE and look into applying for the Forged FATHER Project (serious inquires ONLY)