Here’s something interesting to think about…

It’s in how both LOSERS and WINNERS have the same goals.

Let’s break this down for a second.

A hundred guys all want to “get in shape”.

All of these guys set a 90 day goal to lose weight, get stronger, and improve their health and fitness.

All write out their big goal of achieving this amazing transformation.

When all is said and done after the 90 days, only 10 of the men achieved their goal while the other 90 quit.

Numbers wise, that’s typically how it turns out.

So WHY did only 10 guys WIN while the other 90 guys dropped off and lost?

They all had the same goal…

Goals are important right?

Yes, yes they are but what if I told you that having goals isn’t the make-or-break that will determine your success.

Just because you set a goal to achieve XYZ doesn’t mean you’ll achieve it.

You have to focus in on the ACTIONS needed to achieve the goal.

This is where a lot of guys mess up.

They set these big goals and get all excited about achieving them but then…. plop!

Jack sh*t happens.

Or, maybe a little bit of progress is made but sooner or later, most guys QUIT.


It’s because most guys get too focused in on the goal VS focusing in on the day-to-day ACTIONS needed to achieve the goal.

I talk about this in deeper detail within the latest Forged FATHER FM podcast HERE.

Give it a listen and you’ll understand what I’m talking about and this just might be the message you need to hear in order to push you forward.

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