New Year New You?

Screw that non-sense.

Of course you need to become a “New You”, but you don’t need the New Year to accomplish this.

You can literally MAKE THE DECISION to do this in an instant.

What matters most isn’t WHAT you do…



If that means you choose to be a lazy, excuse making, run-down, overweight, unhealthy type of dude, chances are your daily actions will reflect that.

If that means you choose to be an “High Performance Athlete”, chances are your daily actions will reflect that of a highly energized, healthy, fit, and lean athlete.

Thing is, no one chooses to be this “lazy” person, it’s just they choose to live their day-to-day life as that person.

Sometimes without even knowing this…

It’s their IDENTITY and so, their results, or lack thereof show through.

So what’s the FIX to all this?

Is there some special program I’m going to try and sell you?


Some special diet?


A new supplement?


It’s just this…

To make this the year (and every year following) the year of NO EXCUSES, JUST EXECUTION.

Before you worry about what program to follow or how to eat, COMMIT to becoming a completely different person.

You are WHO you are now because of how you’ve lived your life up to this point.

If you’re not consistent with training, fueling your body properly, or committing to things long term, that’s just WHO you are.

There is no FIX to this other than to BECOME SOMEONE DIFFERENT.

Sounds silly right?

Think of it like this…

Two guys who are both 35 years old, married, and have two kids.

Both have very demanding jobs with the SAME hours.

One is extremely happy, the other is not.

Dude A is 25 lbs overweight and thinks of himself as a “run-down, unhealthy 35 year old guy” who’s supposed to be outta shape because that’s what happens when you get old.

He BELIEVES this and it’s who he sees in the mirror everyday he wakes up.

So, he lives his life as such.

Might workout a day or two during the week, but it’s never serious work.

He just checks it off his list.

Might ’try’ to eat better during the week, but completely loses it on the weekends.

Dude A is overweight and run-down constantly so in-turn, he’s always stressed out, self-conscious of his body, and has lost a LOT of his self-confidence.

It’s just WHO he is and he’ll stay in this vicious cycle forever until he changes his identity.

Dude B is the happy guy.

Dude B is always energized.

He’s never felt better and in fact, feels like he might be in better shape NOW than he was in his early 20’s.

Guy B see’s himself as a young, vibrant, healthy, and powerful athlete.

In fact, he still envisions himself as the young, 20 year-old badass he used to be back in college.

That’s his IDENTITY of today so he still lives his life as such.

He makes time for the gym weekly and stays committed to taking care of his body.

He’s made fueling his body properly a PRIORITY because he knows the better he fuels his body, the better he’ll be in life with more energy, focus, and efficiency.

Guy B knows he’s getting older, but he’s NOT going to let age define who he is.

In fact, he’s on a MISSION to PROVE he can get better with age because he’s a LEADER and wants to be that ROLE MODEL for his kids.

Guy B knows if he settles for excuses, he’ll be teaching his kids to accept excuses as well and that ain’t the way to LIVE LIFE as a LEADER.

Guy B has the IDENTITY of a WARRIOR and a Relentless Action Taker.

Guy B doesn’t settle for mediocrity.


What if I told you BOTH men had the same access to the same workout program and nutrition knowledge…

Does that make any sort of difference?


What makes the most difference is in WHO these men CHOOSE to be.

Guy A can choose to take on the identity of Guy B anytime he wants.

Just as Guy B can choose to lower his standards and take on the identity of Guy A.

It’s all up to YOU.

Choose who you want to be then go out and F*CKING EARN THE RIGHT TO BE THAT PERSON.

No one is keeping you from doing any of this.

No one is forcing you to take on and type of identity but YOU.



Use that as your manta for 2019 and beyond.

If you want to “G-Rated” version, go with “No EXCUSES… Just EXECUTE”. 🙂

Either way, take this for what it’s worth…

If you’ve NOT achieved the success you’ve wanted to this past year or even further back, it’s NOT because of the lack of resources or even the knowledge you don’t have.

It’s YOU.

You are NOT the person you need to be yet.

Time to change that.




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