This week’s Thursday Throwdown was an absolute wreck!

The workout before hand, I was wearing a weighted vest so I kept it on for the finisher and it proved to be a bit of a difference maker.

The low down on this Thursday Throwdown goes like this…

Start with 5 squat clean thrusters and as soon as you hit your 5th rep, go right into a bear crawl for about 50 feet.

Then add on more weight to the barbell and hit 4 squat clean thrusters.  Upon completion, go right into a bear crawl for 50 feet then add more weight…

Do this until you get down to 1 rep for the squat clean thrusters and hit your last bear crawl.

When you finish, get in 100 double under’s and if you can’t hit double under’s, do 200 regular jumps.

This was a nice challenge for sure!  I ended up at 6:49 for my final time.

For the squat clean thrusters I did, 135 x 5, 145 x 4, 155 x 3, 165 x 2, and 185 x 1 and I know I could’ve done more.  In fact, I think I could have easily started at 185, so I’ll keep that in mind for next time I hit this battle up.

But, I’ve got to remember I has a 35 lbs weighted vest on that added to the overall intensity.

If you don’t have a high quality weight vest, I would highly recommend investing into one ASAP.  Their great.

I’m currently doing an “experiment” with my weighted vest so I’ll let you know how it goes when I finish it.

To end this Throwdown, I hit 100 double under’s and I was lucky enough to get all 100 in a row without a miss!  I was happy about that considering I had that weighted vest on which made it a lot tougher to hit those double under’s.

Overall, this Throwdown was fast and to the point!  Just like we like em.

Make sure to hit this Throwdown up and post your results in the comments or my facebook fan page


Live Aggressive and Get Strong!