What would happen if the world was to lose ALL of it’s current technology and we were immediately sent back to the stone age?

At the brink, all we would have available to us would be our own body and minds.

NO more technology…  

We would now be in charge of HUNTING and GATHERING our own food as well as finding a place for shelter.

We wouldn’t have the conveniences we have today that have caused us to become LAZY and WEAK.

The saying “Only The Strongest Shall Survive” would now have true meaning.

These are some crazy things to think about, but would YOU be able to survive?

Would YOU be able to handle living in a world such as this?


Obviously we’ve evolved a ton since the stone ages, but looking back there are many things we can take away from how our ancient CAVEMEN WARRIORS used to live.

In today’s world, we don’t have to hunt and gather our own food as it’s readily available for us to buy and have in front of us with literally a click of a button.

There’s a few things that are BAD about this.

1 – This has caused us to become WEAK and LAZY through pure convenience

2 – Since we don’t have to go out and hunt and gather our own food (we still can if we choose to), we now lose the regularly occurring activity we used to have each and every day through having to hunt and survive.  Obviously now in today’s age, we exercise and train to add activity into our lives for health and sport.

Looking back at our ancient CAVEMEN WARRIORS, in order for them to survive, they had to be athletic.  They had to be able to sprint, lift, pull, push, jump, crawl, climb, as well as possess strength, power, and a high level conditioning.

How easy do you think it was to bring down a wholly mammoth?

How easy do you think it was to run away from a saber tooth tiger??? 

In the shape that you’re currently in, would YOU be able to take down a wholly mammoth or or evade a saber tooth tiger?

Getting yourself into the BEST possible shape through training is essential and in order to get yourself to this level, I’m a strong believer that you need to train against the grain.   To achieve these types of results, I believe you must train like it’s your last time and most importantly, train like an athlete.

One of the other important concepts we can implement into our lives to help us increase our overall health that we’ve learned from our ancient CAVEMEN WARRIORS is that of INTERMITTENT FASTING (IF).

This wasn’t something our ancestors did by choice rather, it was just apart of life.

Basically in a nut-shell, IF is when you “abstain from food for a certain period of time.”

This isn’t a brand new concept as there’s been many successful programs that have already shown how IF can be successfully implemented.  One of the most successful programs that has been out for some time now is from Brad Pillon called, Eat Stop Eat.

There are many ways one can implement IF into their lifestyle to see great results.  Brad Pillon uses a 24 Hour fasting period within his Eat Stop Eat program to achieve great results and if you want to find out more about what exactly happens within your body when you fast like that, his book is a great read.

The POSITIVE effects IF can have on the human body are undeniable and with that, the whole concept of IF is now making it’s way into the mainstream fitness scene.

Trust me when I say, it’s coming with FULL FORCE and it won’t be going away once it’s here…

As more and more people start to discover the many great benefits of IF, it will slowly start to become more and more popular because it truly works!

I’ve already started to experience the benefits myself…

Some of the major benefits of IF include:

  • decrease in bodyfat %
  • increased lean muscle mass
  • increased natural Growth Hormone levels (leads to more muscle and strength)
  • improved mental toughness
  • increases in daily energy level
  • improved sleep
  • increases in daily productivity
  • saves YOU $$$

These are the MAIN benefits of IF, but are not ALL of the benefits.   The list goes on and on…

Most importantly though, I wanted to post this blog up to let you know that there will be some new KILLER information coming in the next few days all on IF.

I’ve got an awesome phone interview to share and a bunch of other goodies to get out to help you become a LEANER and MEANER BEAST, so make sure you pay attention to when I post that stuff up!

In the meantime, let me know YOUR thoughts and comments on IF.  Also, do YOU truly believe you could survive in the stone age???

Be honest now…

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!