It’s been a crazy place here at Forged Athlete central with the recent release of my newest muscle building, fat shredding system, The 28 Day Muscle Formula.

I’ve had AWESOME feedback and I’m absolutely jacked up to see the transformations this system is going to produce.

But, with anything in life, there will be questions, so I compiled up the main ones I’ve been receiving about Th 28 Day AMF and have posted up my honest answers below.

Q: How’s the 28 Day AMF Work??

Well it’s a full fledged system that strategically blends together specific training sessions using ONLY a barbell, dumbbells, and your bodyweight with a specialized meal plan to help you BUILD and RETAIN muscle while melting fat like butter on a hot Nebraska day in July.

The system is composed of a step-by-step, day-by-day, breakdown of what you need to do as far as training and nutrition goes.  I walk YOU through the whole process.

Q: I’m an athlete training for soccer and overall sports performance (speed, power, strength).  Would this program still be OK for me?

YES – All the training programs I design have the athlete in mind meaning, all of my programs are performance based.  I’m a HUGE believer in training specifically for performance because everything else you wish to achieve (fat loss, muscle gain, ect) will follow when you train that way.

Power, strength, conditioning…  It will all go towards what you want in terms of building more muscle, getting lean, and improving overall quality of life.

And… just as an extra bonus, these workouts are designed to build up your MIND as well.  They are NOT easy ; )

Finally, I hate sitting in machines and doing your typical bodybuilding routines as this was one of the main reasons I created this program; to get away from the normal, boring, everyday bodybuilding routines.

Q: I want to put on about 15 lbs of muscle.  I’m relatively short and pretty stout.  What should I do to add muscle – bulk up then cut or just bulk up?

Well, the first thing you need to figure out is how fat you are.  If you’re at a relatively high body fat, you’ll want to lean up first and then go for more muscle gain.  You’re body will actually build muscle faster and more effectively when you LEAN.

You could go for more muscle gain, but it will be hard to shred the fat at a fast pace and build muscle.  It can be done, but it will take longer then if you were to focus on getting leaned up first then come back and get HUGE.

The way I have the meal plan and training program set up in The 28 Day AMF will specifically help you get lean, but it will also help retain your muscle mass so it will make this process a quick one.

Q: What if I’m already pretty lean, is this program good for me??? Is the 28 Day system only for fat lose or mainly muscle gain? I don’t need to loose fat and all I’m looking for is a program that will beat me into the ground and leave me in a pool of sweat.

I honestly cut and pasted this question right from my email….

To be up front, YES – this program will put you to the test both physically and mentally.  There’s no doubt about that….

But, as far as if it’s right for you, YES it can and will add more muscle to your frame.  I have a section within the mal plan that discusses how to strategically structure your eating plan to help enforce more muscle gain than fat loss.

Bottom line, if you’re a “hard gainer”, EATING should be your main battle.  Train insane, but also train hard when it comes to throwing down the calories.

Every meal should be like a training session…  You don’t skip and you don’t slack off.

The bottom line on gaining lean mass, and especially if you want 15 more pounds of muscle, you’ll need to EAT a ton of whole, high quality foods.  NO EXCUSES!

***Note – If you want a program that would add muscle on at a much higher rate, check out Iron Muscle

Q: Will I need a ton of equipment for this program?  I workout at home in my garage

The Only Essentials Needed – Heavy Barbell + DB’s + Bodyweight

NOPE!  All you need is a barbell, some dumbbells, and your own bodyweight.  It would be preferred that you have a squat rack as well, but it’s not mandatory.

It would also be a good idea to have lots of extra weights available to slap on the bar as well as access to heavier dumbbells  that will challenge you.   Of course this is just how it is.  You need to be able to challenge yourself with heavier weight 😉

One of the main reasons I created this program was for all of the people out there that didn’t have access to sandbags, kettlebells, and other odd objects that are used within my Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System.

The 28 Day AMF gives you the same intensity, but now only with all of your traditional muscle building tools just about everyone can get access to.

Q: I’m in the military and need to improve on my pull ups for PT tests.  Does the 28 Day AMF help with improving strength and endurance?  Or is it just physique / vanity driven?

This goes back to the quesiton above about if this program is OK for an athlete.

Short answer: Hells Yes!

You will improve your strength and overall endurance as both will go through the roof if you push yourself.

For endurance, the High Intensity Interval Days will push your cardio for sure plus with the various amounts of metcon finishers at the end of the regular workouts will also add to your overall endurance as well.

Strength wise, I know you’ll see gains if you follow the program as it’s specifically laid out.  The 4 weeks are structured in a way to progress your strength via the set and rep scheme that are set up for you.

Although it’s only 4 weeks long, you’ll still see some great gains in strength, both with bodyweight and weighted movements.

Q:  I’m currently on your Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training Program and you’ve said before to stick to the current program your on without quitting in the middle.  I want to get in on this program so bad, but I’m making great gains on BBB!  What should I do?

Great question!  With all of the different programs that come out every week, it’s essential you stay focused on the current program your on right now.  I’m guilty of changing programs after a week as well, but I’ve learned my lesson and now I stick to a plan.

I would advise you to stick to my Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight System and ride that baby out to the end!  Once you finish, I would highly suggest then getting on The 28 Day Athletic Muscle Formula depending on your goal.

Although, I would suggest getting The 28 Day AMF while it’s on sale HERE 😉

Q: Is this program mainly just for Fat Loss?

The 28 Day AMF is NOT just for fat loss... But it's nice to get SHREDDED...

NO.  It’s a blend of both muscle gain and fat shredding principles, not just specifically fat loss…

The way this is done is with the right combination of training and nutrition.  Most people get it all wrong by trying to bulk up (and get fat) or to lose fat too fast (and lose muscle).

Instead, this program specifically helps you do BOTH at the same time.

You’ll lose fat and gain muscle based off of the eating principles laid out and you’ll build strength, power, and conditioning,  from the training side.

In actual reality, this is the black and white, clear cut TRUTH – You gain strength, increase conditioning, and do everything else physically through how you TRAIN.  You lose fat and build muscle through your NUTRITION.  People tend to overlook this way too much…

It’s all based upon how you structure your eating habits.   Eat more for muscle gain and eat strategically RIGHT for more fat loss…

So there you have it!

Those are some of the main questions I’ve been receiving about my new program, The 28 Day Athletic Muscle Formula.

Since I’ve received many of these questions last night, I decided to run my special $30 OFF deal until this Sunday night at midnight CST.

So, if you’re wanting to gain more muscle while also shredding some major fat off of your frame, this is your ticket!

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Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

PS – If YOU have any additional question about the program, just post them up in the comments below!