Time Efficient Training 


“I’m too busy”


I hear that one all the time.


Truth is, we’re all busy, dads especially.


After I had my first daughter, my life drastuically changed.


Time changed.


The extra hours I used to have instantly went away for other highly important priorities and responsibilities.


But, I wasn’t going to let that keep me from training.


My own health and fitness was still a high priority for me so that’s when I went to the drawing board to figure up a way I could keep training in play without needing a TON of time to do so.


In came “Time Efficient Training”.


The first place to sta rat with TET is to look at the training session as a whole from the MACRO level.


What’s the GOAL of the training session?


What is the specific FOCUS?


How much TIME do you have specifically?


To put all of this into perspective, I’ll share with you an example of what I did the other day.




GOAL: Upper Body Pushing Strength and Power w/ Metabolic Conditioning


FOCUS: Upper Body Vertical Push w/ Full Body Metbolic Conditioning


TIME: 1 Hour Total


Once we get the MACRO focus set, we can then dig into the MICRO focus.


For TET, I always go off a running clock and break each piece of the training session into separate time blocks.


I usually have things set up like this:


0-10 Mins = WARM UP

10-20 Mins = Strength / Power

20-30 = Strength / Assistance Work

30-40 = Metcon / Core


The first 10 mins is all reserved for WARM UP


To keep things as effecient as possible, I make sure the warm up is specifically going to hit the key movements being used in the main workout.


Here’s the Warm Up I did for this session…


3 Rounds 

250m Row

5 Single Leg Walking RDL / Leg

5 Spider-Man Lunge / Leg

5 Single Arm Power Snatch / Arm

5 Single Arm KB Split Squat / Leg


Each round I’d INCREASE the intensity on the Row


After the warm up, we get into the main meat and potatoes.


From mins [10-15] the focus was on the MAIN STRENGTH movement of the day.


–> 3 Push Presses building each round


From mins [15-20] I get into a bit more Strength / Power work with some Push Jerks


–> 3 Push Jerks building each round


Then, from mins [20-25], I hit a quick Barbell Complex


–> 1 Push Press + 1 Push Jerk, building each round


From there, I gave myself a nice 5 min break to set up equipment for the metcon work.


Starting at the 30 min mark, it went like this…


Every 4 Mins x 12 Mins (3 Rounds Total)

15 Overhead Squats @ 135

15 Wall Balls

15 Cal Row

15 T2B 

What I love about the metcon above and using “Every X on the X” type setups is in how it forces you to keep the INTENSITY UP.


It also helps you maintain efficiency with time.


I was finishing around 2:50 each round which gave me a solid minute or so of rest.


If it was just 3 rounds straight through, the intensity would have dropped off a bit and the focus of the metcon would have been a tad bit different.


Overall, when all was said and done, I hit the main focus I wanted to (upper body push) and even got in a solid bit of conditioning work.


I hit just about everything head to toe in LESS than an hour.


Now, let say I only had 40 mins??


I would have kept the first piece in play with the Push Press and hit the metcon.


The would still give me everything I wanted.


If I wasn’t wanting to keep the conditioning piece in play, I’d simply cut that out and hit the first 3 pieces.


There’s a lot of ways you can tweak it.


Bottom line is, it doesn’t matter how busy you are.


You CAN get shit done wit limited time.


You just gotta make it a priority.