So or the past couple of days I’ve been in Baltimore Maryland working on some BIG projects.

It’s been a three-day stint of 14-16 hour days of straight up #dowork.

All in good fun of course and even though these have been LONG days, I still make the time to get in a solid training session.

Because when you Go H.A.M. in a training sessions, everything else during the day seems easy.

This was especially true with the Thursday Throwdown I did this week.

For this, I decided to call it, “The TITAN Throwdown”.


Well, I only felt it was right to call it that since I did it at Titan Crossfit.

Pretty logical eh?

Either way, it was BRUTAL.

Here’s the layout:

titanthrowdown3 Rounds For Time:

  • 5 DOUBLE Kettlebell Snatch @ 53
  • 10 DOUBLE Kettlebell Front Rack Walking Lunge (10 steps / leg) @ 53
  • 15 DOUBLE Kettlebell Bent Rows @ 53
  • Handstand Walk Back To Start
  • Run Back To Kettlebells and Repeat


  • 50 Wall Balls

As you can see, this is a nasty set up.

3 rounds of kettlebell / bodyweight fun.

I managed to finish in just under 7 minutes.

All I can say is to get yourself ready for a nice burn in your forearms, shoulders, and lungs.

If you can manage to get through the KB section of snatches, lunges, and rows all UNBROKEN, you’re a BOSS.

See what you can get done with it and let me know how you do in the comments!

Post up your time completed on both sections.



PS – Speaking of THROWDOWNS, I wanted to let you in on something really cool.

It’s called “WODThrowdown” and it’s a NEW way to compete against other athlete’s out there and WIN prizes for your efforts.

wodThrowdownLogoThis is going to become something BIG…

Check out the details at and get yourself registered for the 1st WORLD-WIDE throwdown which will be kicking off on October 15th..