When the TRX first came out, I was ALL over it!

When I found out the Navy SEALs were training with the TRX, I was sold!

They were taking it out into the field with them to use it when ever they needed it.

It’s a great tool to help them prepare their bodies for battle.

It’s no different for the athlete or serious trainees.

If you’re wanting to increase strength, MUSCLE, power, and conditioning, the TRX system is a definite must have!

I’ve got two myself, one which I bought when it first came out and the second I won in a online contest.

I’ll let you know more about that later.

Right now, Here’s a quick little workout I did working for both strength and conditioning using a  TRX, a jump rope, and a single kettlebell:


1A) KB Front Squat x 10

1B) TRX Suspended Push Ups with Alternating Reach x 8 per side

1C) KB Swings x 15

1D) TRX suspended row x 15

1E) KB Clean and Press x 8/side

1F) TRX suspended pistol squats x 8/side

1G) Double Under’s x 50

1H) TRX Handstand Push Ups x 10

I prefer to blend the TRX in with different training modalities to get the most out of it.

But,  there are times you can strictly go TRX workouts with nothing else.

You’re choice!

Your options are truly unlimited!

One thing’s for sure, the TRX is serious business for building MUSCLE, STRENGTH, and High Levels of Conditioning!

If you’re interested in getting your very own TRX, you can check out their packages here ==>  Lean and Mean TRX Training

But if you’re balling on a budget, learn how to make your own TRX below:


Not as good of quality, but still useful!

Now go get after it!