A few years ago I met Mr. Adam Blackwell and upon meeting Adam, I can remember a few Mark Drummond defeats Adam Blackwell via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3).distinct things about him.

These two things were that he was DAIRY FREE and he was an MMA Fighter.

Pretty weird combo, but when I met him, we connected right off the bat.

I instantly became interested in WHY he was Dairy Free.

At the time, I knew a ton about how bad most dairy products out there were, but what I didn’t know was just how much of an effect dairy in general can truly have on your health.

Grass-fed, organic, 100% Natural…

Doesn’t really matter.

Now, I’m not dairy free by any means as I’ll have the occasional bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt for a cheat meal here and there, but other then that, I steer clear of most dairy anyways.

The only dairy products I do take in come from my grass-fed cheese and butter and my protein shake.

Other then that I’m pretty much dairy free, but after talking with my buddy Adam a bit more in depth about this subject, I’ve decided I’m going to take a little “7 Day Dairy FREE Challenge” to see what happens.

I go into a bunch more detail within the video below…

Here’s What You’ll Discover in this Aggressive Strength Talk Session…

  • Why is dairy so bad?
  • The TRUTH about calcium
  • Is milk OK if it’s Organic and grass-fed?
  • The 7-Day Dairy FREE Challenge
  • The low down on Protein Shakes
  • How to be dairy-FREE and still have your ice cream (this tip is a good one)


Now, if you want to find out more about the POWER that eating Dairy FREE can have for you, check out Dairy FREE Fat-Loss

Just note – This is NOT only about fat loss, rather it’s for Total OPTIMAL Health.

Learn more about WHAT you put into your body.

Drop any questions or thoughts you might have about dairy below in the comments.

AND, if you’re going to join me on my “7 Day DAIRY FREE Challenge”, let me know!

I’m starting TODAY!AB-DFFL-Manual-1

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – Discover the DIRTY TRUTH about Dairy and how you can rid it’s TOXICITY from your life for good.

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