For this Thursday Throwdown I couldn’t decide on whether I wanted to use Kettlebells, Dumbbells, or a Barbell so I did only best thing I could think of…

I used them ALL…

I’m a HUGE fan and always will be of complexes.

Each and every time I do them they present a new challenge.  Even if I’ve already hit the same complex, they never get any easier.

I’ve wrote about various types of other complexes I’ve used in the past in old blog posts, so if you want to dig into the achieves and check out all of the old videos and complexes I’ve hit before, check them out below:

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There are still more in the archives, but those are a few of my favorite one’s!

For this week, as I mentioned above, I had a hard time trying to decide on whether to use kettlebells, dumbbells, or a barbell for this particular complex so instead, I decided to include ALL three of them!

For this complex, which I took straight out of my newest training manual, Warrior Ripped, you’ll be doing an AMRAP set for 20 mins.

So, basically you put 20 mins on the clock, put your head down, and get to work!  Try to get as many rounds in as possible.  It’s as simple as that, but not really…

…As I said before, I’m not using just one tool for the job, I using three as what I did was hit the complex with the barbell first, then kettlebells, then finished up with dumbbells and repeated that order for the 20 mins.


The complex was set up like this:

1A) Front Squat

1B) Power Snatch

1C) Push Up

1D) Lunge

1E) High Pulls

For each movement, complete 5 reps then move on.

Repeat for 20 mins.

It got BRUTAL as expected, but this is why you train with complexes…  To be pushed and challenged!

I ended up getting jut under 10 rounds total completed.  I wanted 10 when I started, but didn’t have it in me this time…

I decided to try and keep the weight the same across the board, so for the kettlebells and I used 50 lbs, for the dumbbells I used 40’s and had 115 lbs loaded up on the barbell.

You can definitely tell a huge difference between all of the three strength tools as each balances out a bit differently then the other and challenges you in a different way.

Overall a great full body attack and one that I’ll be feeling later for sure!

One of the greatest aspects of complexes that I truly love and come to respect is the fact that they will challenge you mentally like no other type of training can do.

Training hard is one thing, but challenging yourself to such an extent with complexes is a whole new ball game.

When you get into a complex and you’re only about half way through and you’re struggling to finish, it’s at this time that you must make the decision to keep going or to stop and rest.

It then becomes a true battle with you and the weights…

The question is…  Are you a WARRIOR?  Can you stay in the fight?

Test yourself on these complexes and if you can, use all three tools or just go with what you got available to you.

Post up your overall score for rounds completed in the comments below.

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Live Aggressive and Get Strong!