So for this week’s Thursday Throwdown I thought I would let my buddy and fellow “Garage Warrior” Tyler Bramlett let loose a bit and offer up 3 different Warrior Lower Body Throwdowns to choose from.

I didn’t have time to post up my normal weekly Thursday Throwdown as I’ve been a bit  busy running around getting ready for my wedding!


Either way, I wanted YOU to have some options to choose from so you can still kick some ass.  I got mine in this AM as I hit up “The Violent Vendetta”.

Go ahead and check out different options Tyler has below.

Each of these lower body workouts have been taken straight from Tyler’s Warrior Lower Body System and their listed in progressive order from beginner to advanced, but trust me they are all challenging.

Pick one and go 110% H.A.M.

Beginner Level – “10 Mins In Heaven” Warrior Lower Body Workout

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Click HERE For More Info On Warrior Lower Body

 10 Min AMRAP of:

1A) Goblet Squats x 5

1B) Split Lunge x 10 / Leg

Intermediate Level – The Violent Vendetta Workout (This is what I hit this morning after my strength session)

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5 Rounds Of:

1A) 1 Rep Max Power Squat Cleans x 1 (HEAVIEST you can handle with SOLID form)

1B) Dowel Rod Assisted Pistols x 20 / Leg

***This is ONLY a Level 3 workout within the Warrior Lower Body System. (There are 5 Levels)

Advanced Level –“Enter The Dragon”

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Click HERE For More Info On Warrior Lower Body

As Many Rounds As Possible

1A)Power Snatch x 2 (HEAVIEST you can handle with SOLID form – base this off your 5 rep max)

***Rest 30 secs

1B) “Dragon Twists” x 10 OR up to 20 reps (depending on YOUR fitness level)

***Rest 30 secs and REPEAT until you can’t complete the work within the 30 secs

Look simple?

Look easy?

Trust me when I say things ALWAYS look a ton easier on paper.  NEVER judge a workout before you put yourself through it.  😉

Let me know which one of these killer lower body workouts you choose to do and how it goes.

As always, go 110% H.A.M.

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – Want more of these kickass Warrior Lower Body Workouts?

Check out Tyler’s system – Warrior Lower Body.

Not only does it go into complete detail about how to train correctly and how to progress yourself from complete beginner to super advanced, he supplies 45 different lower body workouts.

The best part is it’s all for ONLY $7!