My arch nemesis is still the dreaded Pistol Squat.

When it comes down to it I just plain HATE pistols.

I know that when it comes to getting myself stronger and better overall that I must ATTACK what I HATE.

This goes for YOU as well.

We can’t always simply train and just work on the things that we’re good at as that wouldn’t get us any better.

We need to attack our weaknesses…

Like I mentioned at the start, Pistol Squats are one of my major weaknesses.

I’ve NEVER been any good at them and I’ll actually admit that I haven’t been hitting up pistol squats as much as I should be.  I haven’t had them programmed into any of my workouts as of late, but I’ve started to add them back in just this last week.

Another movement that I’ve still been working on improving is the Overhead Squat.

Not an arch nemesis of mine like the pistol is, but still NOT a major strong point for me either.

Both movements are always a work in progress…

Now, since we’re talking about pistols and overhead squats, I thought I’d share a video with you that gives away some great tips on how improve on your overhead squat as well as your pistol squats.

Below is a video from my buddy and fellow HARDCORE strength coach Tyler Bramlett (from where he gets into some great tips on how to Overhead Squat as well as how to assist your Pistol Squats.

***The assisted pistols with the dowel rods are genius and were actually a NEW method that I hadn’t seen before (Tyler’s also got a KILLER workout for you at the end as well…)

“Mad, Mobile, and Mean” – taken From Warrior Lower Body

1A) Build to a HEAVY 1 Rep Overhead Squat

2A) 10 Rounds AFAP of 10 Pistols / Leg (BRUTAL)

Now that’s a lower body workout worth trying…

If you know me, you know that I’m always up for a challenge so I’ll be hitting this one up for sure.

Make sure to give this lower body session a try and when you do, post up your results in the comments.

Now, if you’re looking to build up your lower body strength and power, Tyler has a KICKASS system called Warrior Lower Body.

This system is PACKED with great info and there’s a BONUS manual with 45 lower body specific workouts in it.

Definitely worth looking into ===>  The Warrior Lower Body System

Live and Train Aggressive!