For this week’s Throwdown, we’re focusing on upper body strength and endurance.

I hit a heavy day of squats and sprints the day before so my legs were absolutely shot….


3 Rounds of:

Weighted Pull Up x 3

Max Push Up Variation x 3

***Only take a 60-90 sec break between rounds

***Chin must clear bar for pull ups

***No long breaks allowed during push ups


The pull ups went well until the last round where my arms were getting a bit fatigued.  It was a bit iffy on the last few reps…

For the push ups, it was nice to hit up a few different types fo variaiotns to add a bit more challenge.

Weighted Pull Ups – 110, 120, 120 (iffy on last rep)

Max Push Ups – Spiderman x 45, Hindu x 34, Feet Elevated x 25

Total Score = 454 @ a weight of 180.

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