Ever wanted to know what the Strongman’s Breakfast is?

Well, according to one of the greatest fitness and physique coaches that ever lived, it was steak and eggs.

Yep, it’s pretty simple – A nice grass-fed beef steak and some cage free eggs.

Vince Gironda called this “The Strongman’s Breakfast“.


I don’t agree with all of Vince’s views and thoughts but, I couldn’t agree with him more on this one.

It was also Vince’s belief that this breakfast combo was the BEST way to gain size and strength while losing fat….

Vince Gironda absHe prescribed that  you only needed to do eat this 2 times a day as you wouldn’t want to overdue it…  Two times a day!?!?

I think once a day or even every other day would be sufficient enough but, if one of the greatest physique coaches of all time is preaching to do so, I would have to say it works.

Think that’s a lot of protein?  Well, according to writings in a compilation of Vince’s thoughts and teachings, if you didn’t have a strong craving for PROTEIN, you weren’t working out hard enough!

The truth is, 6 oz. of grass-fed steak and 3-4 high quality, cage free organic eggs will supply you with well over 100 grams of FIRST CLASS protein fast and since their coming from natural sources, will be easy for your body to digest.

But what about High Cholesterol???  Isn’t this just a heart attack waiting to happen?

It’s been said that eggs cause heart attacks….

Hmmm…  I’ll have to disagree on this one as did Vince.

The key when eating foods high in cholesterol’s (such as whole eggs or beef) comes down to the looking at the source of where you’re getting your eggs and meat from.

Not all eggs and steaks were created equal.  In this day and age, there’s a ton of unhealthy sources you can get your eggs and beef from.  Most are toxic to the body because of the SOURCES they come from.

For example, more beef and steaks are coming from cows that were corn fed and raised with antibiotics and synthetic hormones.   When you eat meat from an animal like this, you’ll be eating all of the stored toxins and chemicals the animal was shot up with and ingested as it grew up.  It comes directly from the source.

The cholesterol you get from these meats will be bad on the body as the fat in these animals is super unhealthy.  There’s very low levels of Omega 3’s present which makes the cholesterol you get from these meats bad.

On the other hand, when you eat a steak from a grass-fed cow, that was raised in a clean environment without the use of any antibiotics or hormones, the meat will be so much more pure and healthy.

Grass-fed beef contains lesser amounts of unhealthy fats while having higher amounts of healthy Omega 3 fats.  The cholesterol contained in grass-fed beef is a ton lower and will be healthier for you and your body will be much more free of toxins.

The same holds true for eggs VS cage-free organic eggs.  It all depends on the SOURCE.

Eat from a sh*tty source, you get sh*tty results in return.

steak and eggs breakfastLooking back at cholesterol, the whole high cholesterol myth is total  BS.  Just because you have high cholesterol doesn’t mean you will die from a heart attack.  Vince strongly believed that it wasn’t cholesterol that was causing all the health problems, it was triglycerides.



The bottom line is we need GOOD cholesterol for our bodies to properly function.

For instance, GOOD cholesterol (Coming from good,healthy sources) helps produce steroid hormones such as testosterone (kinda important for building muscle and getting strong) plus helps our brain function properly by helping produce cell membranes.

If you eat CAGE-FREE Organic eggs, you’ll be fine. The cholesterol found in these eggs are in good form and are good for the body. Just like with the grass-fed beef, the cage-free organic eggs will have much higher levels of Omega 3’s in them which will help the body vs. destroy it.

Overall, all I want to express here is what I feel is a solid breakfast for people out there wanting to pack on some serious muscle and strength, while getting lean as well.

If you watched the video, you would know it take little to no preparation IF you already cooked the steak.  For me, this works perfect and keep me filled up for hours on end!

I took this basic notion of the Strongman’s Breakfast out of the , “Vince Gironda – Legend and Mythbook which goes into much more detail about Vince’s philosophies when it came to eating to gain mass and get strong while also losing fat.

The Strongman’s Breakfast was just one of many priceless bits of information shared in this new book!

Make sure to be eating your steak and eggs! 

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

PS – Vince was a big believer in eating whole natural foods and his overall eating philosophy was pretty much that of a Paleolithic Style.

If you want well over 370 Paleo Recipes, I would strongly recommend you check out The Paleo Recipe Book as it will supply you with a ton of delicious “strongman style” meal options.