It’s been asked time and time again, “What INSPIRES YOU?”

Here’s my response…

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Now, the more important question is, What INSPIRES YOU?

For me, what it all comes down to is YOU and helping YOU achieve your goals.

Seeing and watching my clients and athletes achieve goals is exactly what keeps me driven and extremely INSPIRED.

Nothing makes me more inspired to continue to do what I do then when I receive an email or personal message from a client or someone I’ve helped in some way no matter how bog or small.

Just the other day I received a note from one of my Elite Online Coaching Clients who’s been with me for almost 18 months.

In this time, each week at check in time, this guy continues to inspire the hell outta me.  The goals that he’s achieved and progress he’s made keeps me well beyond driven and HUNGRY to continue to do what I do.

Another story that I wanted to share is about one of my personal clients I’ve had the privilege of training within my gym.

If you haven’t read about this guy yet, he’s achieved some BIG things and has made some amazing progress over time.

Ronan just returned to train for a few weeks for Christmas break and the news he had to share with me was awe inspiring.

Ronan had earlier been selected for The Marine OCS (which is NOT easy to get selected for) and upon his return, he told me that while at OCS he was awarded with the “Gung Ho” Award which is a very prestigious award given to the candidate who best models the traits of a “gung ho” performance and attitude through leading by example and being INSPIRATIONAL.

Hearing this almost literally brought tears to my eyes. Almost 😉

Bottom line is, if I can have any sort of impact on a person’s life to INSPIRE them to be inspiring to others, that’s exactly what it’s about!

My MISSION is to continue to INSPIRE others to do great things with their lives and in turn be INSPIRING themselves.

It’s NOT about me.  It’s about YOU and how YOU can inspire the world.

The question is, What INSPIRES YOU to do what YOU do?

I want to know and I want to see 50+ comments on this one so post up your thoughts below.

I know that YOUR comments will not only inspire me, they’ll inspire others as well.

Let’s make it happen!

Live and Train Aggressive!

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