Want to know why DIETS typically NEVER work??

It’s because most diets are OPINION BASED and not driven by FACTS.

For example…

KETO has you hate on carbs…

PALEO has you hate on sugar, alcohol, dairy…

VEGAN has you hate on bacon…

INTERMITTENT FASTING (which isn’t a diet, but people like to think it is) has you hate on breakfast…

At the end of the day, you can choose ANY of these types of DIETS based on how YOU want to eat.

Want to have a donut?

Eat a damn donut and be OK with it.

Want to have a beer here and there?

You can have a beer here and there.

The WHAT you eat, while it is important, it isn’t the most important, it’s the HOW MUCH.


You can measure HOW MUCH (Cals and MACROS).

What you can’t measure is the “CLEAN.”

If you’re not getting the results you want, I don’t care how “CLEAN” you’re eating.

You want to make a definite change, look at the FACTS.

When we know the facts, we know what needs to be changed and tweaked.

Don’t know the facts?

Then you’re just guessing.

Of course, you can continue to try and diet your ass off and eat “CLEAN” or however else you want, but until you look at the facts, you probably won’t get yourself too far.

Watch the full video I have below to discover what truly matters MOST with your nutrition and how you can stop being some confused and overwhelmed with how you eat.

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