I hear a LOT of DADS tell me that they “Just Can’t Keep Going”…

Anytime they get motivated to finally start a new workout routine or another gimmicky diet, it’s usually just a few weeks until they find themselves QUITTING yet again.

And then they wonder WHY they can’t keep going???

Is it the workout routine that doesn’t work?

Is it the new diet that doesn’t work?

I’ll give you a big hint and tell you that it’s NOT anything external.

It’s NOT the diet you can’t stick to…

It’s definitely NOT the workout program you can’t stay consistent with…

It’s all due to what’s happening WITHIN.

===> It’s WHO YOU ARE.

Chances are you run off of motivation and hype.

Sure, it’s easy for you to start something when you’re motivated, but motivation will always come and go.

When it runs out, that’s when you STOP.

Then the cycle starts all over again…

If you want to discover how to KEEP GOING and how to STOP QUITTING, watch the full video below:

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