There was an old saying back in the day my buddies and I used to joke about and say…

“He Who Hesitates, Master…”


Nothing great ever comes from hesitation.

Sure there will be the guys who say they need to stop and think everything through, but let’s get real here.

If you’re a DAD and you know you need to make a life change because your health and fitness are on the decline and suffering, but yet you continue NOT to do anything because you have to “think” about it first…

You’re only going to create more resistance for yourself.

Consider this…

Resistance is greatest when you’re at a standstill.

Resistance actually grows in power when you’re not moving.

So when you’re sitting there in hesitation, NOT TAKING ACTION, you’re only allowing all of the resistance against you to grow.

Resistance like the thoughts you have about failing, the self-doubts, the fears, the scarcity mindset…

The bullsh*t stories you tell yourself creep in hard…

All of the negativity grows in strength and it then, in turn, keeps your stuck in place.

The cure for hesitation?


Straight up old school ===> Take F*cking Action <===

It’s much easier said than done of course.

A lot of dads I chat with TALK about wanting to change, but then when it comes time to actually DO, they do nothing.

They hesitate.

Then the excuses come…

“I’m too busy”

“It’s not the right time”

“My wife said to wait”

If you could just take that first step forward you’d get yourself past your BULLSH*T…

Think about the possibilities you have in front of you should you TAKE ACTION.

Then think about the alternatives you have waiting for you should you NOT take action and hesitate.

What looks better when you visualize that?

If you want to be a WINNER…

If you want to regain back your edge in life…

If you want to become the MAN you know you want to be…

Stop hesitating.

Start taking action.

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