Not sure if you’ve heard the news or not, but I’m about to unleash a NEW Training System.

This program has been in the making now for quite sometime now and I can’t even begin to describe just how damn excited I am to get it out into your hands to help you get some amazing results.

Now real quick before I tell you more about this program, I want to share a story of how my life has been drastically changing…

I can remember back when I first opened up my gym, The Forged Athlete just 4 short years ago.

When I first opened up my gym, it seemed I had all the time in the world to set aside for training.

A one hour session here…  one hour session later in the day…

Shoot, time back then seemed to be limitless and I wasted more then I think I actually made productive!

Fast forward to today and time isn’t so limitless nor is there any to waste at all.

Since I first opened up my gym doors, a lot of things have changed.

All GOOD things of course 😉

I’ve gotten married, bought a new house (which is now a good 30+ minutes away from my gym), started two different businesses, and now happy to say that I’m waiting for a new baby to be born here in April (hopefully it’s a boy).

In other words, time has seem to become less and less.

So, even though there’s still 24 hours in a day and with all of the amazing and great things I’ve been able to bring into my life, finding the time to train has become a whole lot tougher.

Now just note that “finding” time and “making” are two completely different things.

Not sure about you, but when it comes to training, I MAKE the time.

Because “finding” time can be tough and especially when you’re a whole lot busier, but MAKING the time is what matters most.

So, even when I only have a 25-30 minute window to fit in a quick session, I make sure to MAXIMIZE the time I have and get it done.

Because with the lack of time I now have, I can’t afford to waste my time on training in-effectively.

So this is where I want to share with you my NEW system, The Garage Built Body…gbbmainlogoThis is the exact system I created in order to make sure I could get in fast and effective workouts for when I found myself strapped for time.

And if I didn’t have a chance to get to my gym, there were no worries as the system I created was designed so that it could be done at home (which is I’ve done many a times in my garage, hence the name “Garage Built”).

Now, it’s not that I totally ditched out on and threw away all the training I love to do with barbells, sandbags, and sleds…

No, no no…

For me, it was about making sure I had a “go-to” system I could use for when I needed it.

But, I didn’t create this system just for me…


What really pushed me over the edge to finally put this system together was that I had requests coming in from all angles from guys (and gals) who wanted and needed a system they could rely on that would deliver fast and effective results with workouts that lasted under 30 minutes a piece with minimal equipment needed.

That’s what truly made me go to the drawing board and put together what I feel may be my BEST work yet!

YEP!  The new Garage Built Body Training System is about to be UNLEASHED!

It’s made up of 15 weeks of progressively built workouts that will slap on muscle, build strength, and get you shredded in 24 minutes or LESS.

And don’t even go thinking that these workouts will be nothing more than your typical “HIIT” routines that are popping up around all over the place either.

Oh no…  What you’ll find are custom designed workouts that will smoke any type of traditional HIIT or circuit routine out there.

And if you’re wondering, this system has already been PROVEN in the field of battle…

Now, what you’ll find in addition to the 25 power packed workouts are full, in-depth coaching demos for each and every Garage Built Session that will guide and teach you everything you need to know so that you’re fully prepared before heading into battle.

You’ll build strength, power, grow new muscle, and shred fat faster than ever – and these workouts will not only change you physically, but mentally as well.

It literally delivers the power of 10 workouts in one all in 24 minutes or less.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’ve worked like a dog on this…it’s truly the BEST and most advanced training system I’ve ever created.

And I want to give it to you for FREE!

That’s right…I’m giving away THREE copies of The Garage Built Body Training System this weekend.

All you have to do is tell me WHY you want and need the NEW and Garage Built Body Training System

Just post your entry below in the comments in 250 words or less

I’ll select the BEST three stories.

But, don’t just tell me you’re poor or out of money and that’s why you need a FREE copy…

Tell me HOW The Garage Built Training System will change your life.

That’s what I want to know.

Tell me WHY you need to save time and regain your overall health, increase energy, and transform you body into a walking BADASS machine exploding with vigor and strength.

That’s what will WIN you a FREE copy of The Garage Built Body Training System…

PROVE to me that my system will go to great use.

But HURRY and tell me why you need The Garage Built Body as the contest ends on Sunday night at 7pm CST, and the winners will be announced Monday morning first thing!

I look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, sharing the NEW Garage Built Body Training System with you.

Time to EARN IT!

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS –I want YOU to become apart of my MISSION

MY MISSION: To Build 110,000 Strong and Powerful BADASS’ by the year 2016.

Why only 110,000?  Well, it’s a start to a much larger plan and when we get there, we’ll go even BIGGER!

For now, the most important thing is to focus in on how YOU can join and become an important part of this MISSION by becoming a Garage Built BADASS.

My NEW system has been a making in the works for many years now, taking my best types of methods, protocols, and training layouts to help YOU build a stronger, more powerful, and shredded up physique.

So hurry and tell me why you need The Garage Built Body Training System as the  contest ends on Sunday night at 7pm CST, and the winners will be announced Monday morning first thing!

All you have to do is tell me WHY you need the New Garage Built Training System.

Just post your comment below

I look forward to your entry!