Hot damn!  It’s been a crazy last few days!

Just unleashed my NEWEST and BEST system to date in The Garage Built Body and the feedback that’s been coming in has been unreal.

I put in a TON of time on this thing and I’m super pumped to finally have it out into the hands of my people.

Here’s just a small little preview…

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There’s a NEW movement that’s kicking off right now as we speak which is “The Garage Built” Movement and I’m freakin’ psyched to take this thing to the next level and beyond.

This is only the beginning…

I’ll talk more details about this in a later post.

What’s important to know is if you’re one of those types of people that LOVES to train hard and understands the importance of putting in work and EARNING you results, I know you’ll fit right in (shoot, if you’re reading this post right now I’m pretty sure that’s a given)

Either way,  I wanted to talk about a few of the under-the-radar techniques I’ve been using for some time now that have helped produce some serious results.

These two methods are 2 of the BIG components within my NEW system, The Garage Built Body.

Below I go over the two in detail within the video and I share a few sample snippets of how I implement them.

Check it out…

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Density Acclimation Training (DAS)

**Sample Set Up**

1A) 5-8 Min AMRAP Of:

a) Burpee –> Burpee + Vertical Jump x 3

b) KB / DB Strict Press Progressions x 5

c) Pull Ups –> Chest To Bar Pull Ups x 5

Strength-Repeats (S/R)

1A) E.M.O.T.M. x 8 Mins

a) Bodyweight Squat –> KB Goblet Squat –> Double KB Front Squat x 5


a) Pull Up –> Chest To Bar Pull Up –> Weighted Pull Up x 3-5 reps

b) Plyo Push Ups Progression (clapping, chest slap, hip slap) x 3-5 reps

***The key is NOT fatigue but Quality Reps + POWER and EXPLOSION

***To REGRESS, you could also use the ODD/EVEN set up where for the first minute you’d do Pull Ups, then on the second minute do plyo push ups and keep switching until you hit 8 minutes

As I mentioned above, these are just two of the various types of training set ups I use within my NEW training system, The Garage Built Body and the main reason why I used these is because they help SAVE TIME.

That’s what The Garage Built Body is all about…

Saving YOU time.

Because not everyone has 60 minutes to set aside and train everyday so instead of resorting to always doing some sort of light weight circuit or random HIIT routine, you can still work strength and power in a short amount of time.

This is how we do it.

Save time and get BIG results with a workout system that isn’t just a bunch of random HIIT routines or circuits…

The Garage Built Body

Just be WARNED, this isn’t for people who are LAZY or not willing to put in some HARD WORK.

You’ll be put to the test as none of the workouts within this system take longer than 24 minutes to complete plus you don’t need any other equipment besides a few kettlebells (or dumbbells) a pull up bar, and your own bodyweight.

Perfect to do within your hardcore “Garage Gym” 😉

Check out more details HERE