Being a strength and conditioning coach for the last few years has really opened my eyes to many things in both LIFE and BUSINESS.

I can’t sit back and say I’ve been training athletes for over 10 years or anything like that.

Heck, I can’t even sit here and say I’ve become a total success.  Everything I do is still a work in progress. One of the top things I’ll always focus on is to make sure and get better each and every day.  As I’ve said before, you’re NEVER good enough.

One of the other things I know for sure is that I’ve had to EARN everything I’ve gotten up to this point.  Nothing has ever been given to me.  I’ve had to go out and get it one way or another.

I’ve had to EARN the position I’m in today.  Co-Owner and Head Strength Coach of The Forged Athlete Gym along side my best friend Joe Chizek.  Before building our own business, I had to earn many things with Joe before we could make this happen.  Two of the biggest things I had to do to make this happen was that I had to earn his RESPECT, and most importantly, I earn his TRUST.

In business, and especially in a partnership type business, TRUST is the number one factor!  This will ultimately decide if you make it or fail.  There’s only a few people in this world I trust.  I can count them on one hand.  I don’t even need two hands to count them.  A very SAD fact about this world is the fact that you can’t TRUST too many people out there.

I know that the partnership Joe and I have will forever be solidified with the TRUST and RESPECT we have for one another.  I don’t know another person like him.  His passion equals the amount of passion I have for training.  I’ve NEVER met anyone else that matches it and probably never will.

What really bothers me in this day and age, is the fact that the word “EARN” doesn’t seem to be in very many people’s vocabulary.

People want “FREE”. They want deals, discounts, and short cuts.

Most people out there are out for the “magic bullet” that will help them take the detour around hard work and commitment.  People don’t know they are throwing opportunities away while they waste time looking for the easy way out.

This PISSES me off to no end but fires me up at the same time!  I’ll continue to take the hard road while most everyone else tries to find the “secret path”.  They’ll be busy NEVER finding it!

I think lots of people out there, particularly , young athletes need to WAKE THE F**K Up!

Make the realization that EARNING what you want WILL take blood, sweat, and tears!

I’ve had my fair share and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more!  I’ve been putting in work each and every day and I’ll continue to put in work!  I’ll put in work till I die if I have to!  I know that each day is another day for me to get stronger, in better shape, and to become a better coach.

What I’m most thankful for EARNING up to this point is the pleasure of training SERIOUS athletes and clients that understand the importance of HARD WORK and COMMITMENT.

These people know the importance of EARNING what they want.  This last week I was more than happy to know one of our Forged Athletes won his first state championship in wrestling.  This kid knows want the word “EARN” means.  He went out and got what he wanted by EARNING it!

I was also very proud to watch one of our fighters BEAT a 2 time national champion in muay thai boxing!  He knows what the word “EARN” means as well.

This should be a lesson to those out there looking for the easy road or the path of least resistance…

You want STRENGTH…..  EARN IT!

You want SPEED…..  EARN IT!


You want to be THE CHAMP…..  EARN IT!

I think you get my point.

***Do me a HUGE favor and comment in and tell me about some of the things you’ve had to EARN.  I would love to hear about it!***

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!